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Get Ahead of the Curve: 2024’s Top-Rated Black Tattoo Inks – See What Sets Them Apart

If you’re a body art enthusiast, you’ll know just how important a role black ink plays in creating defined, edgy, and downright head-turning tattoos.

Some of the planet’s best tattoos feature black ink to create cool shading, intricate lines, or epic contrasts that stand out from the crowd. And when it comes to long-lasting visual style—ink quality counts.

The best black tattoo ink products on the market will not only set your body ink designs apart from the pack, but they’ll also minimize irritation, and retain their looks for years to come.

But, while there are plenty of black tattoo inks out there promising to deliver the ‘best results for your money’, knowing which ones to trust can seem impossible.

There are so many dud products out there that will not only burn a hole in your wallet but could also upset your skin. But, don’t sweat it—not even for a moment.

I’m here to save the day with my essential rundown of the best black tattoo ink products money can buy.

Are you ready to find your dream ink? Cool, let’s get started.

Key takeaways

Much like when you’re choosing the perfect skincare kit or tattoo sunscreen, you should take your time and consider your personal needs when choosing black ink for your body art needs.

To create my essential best black tattoo ink list, I talked to professional artists, scoured industry forums, and carried out extensive web research.

I discovered Dynamic is my best overall pick as it’s a high-quality allrounder with a decent price tag to match. For a top-notch finish for less, Baodeli is my best budget pick. For reliable everyday use, Bloodline is the black tattoo ink you need in your life.

Our Top Picks

tribal tattoo on right arm
liljhaylinertattoo / Instagram

Dynamic Black

Why it’s great: A wildly popular and widely respected brand in the body art biz, Dynamic is known for its top-quality products and rich tones—its legendary jet-black tattoo ink is no exception. As my pick for the best overall black tattoo ink, this brooding ink is pre-dispersed and heat-sealed, making it as smooth as butter with a deep tone that will bring any style of body art to life, kicking and screaming. With a tried-and-tested cruelty-free formula, Dynamic is incredibly vivid and retains its sharp looks for many years. Considering the very reasonable price point, this is a powerhouse of a product.

How it feels: As I said, this is as smooth as butter and is easy to decant into a tattoo pot. It has a medium consistency that glides across the skin, making it a pleasure to work with while causing minimal fuss or irritation.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Some tattoo lovers might want black tattoo ink that’s a little thicker, especially if you’re going for a piece of body art that commands heavy shading.

Other Colors: 27 | Volume: 8oz | Package Type: Bottle

Baodeli Super Totem Black

Why it’s great: If you’re on a bit of a budget but you’re looking for a black tattoo ink that will go the extra mile, this punchy little number from Baodeli will have your back. In addition to its unmistakable price-to-quality ratio, this ink boasts rave reviews and has a super dark pigmentation that will really make your tattoo designs pop. It’s easy to decant and a little goes a long way. Using this jet-black ink, you can achieve defined lines that will add a whole new layer of tone and dimension to every type of tattoo design imaginable. Oh, and this ink is also proudly cruelty-free.

How it feels: This particular black ink is a little finer and less viscous than Dynamic’s offering, but its simple twist cap bottle makes it easy to decant and apply to a tattoo gun. It’s smooth and causes minimal fuss or irritation.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: If you’re looking for a slightly subtler black hue, this may not be the one for you.

Other Colors: 14 | Volume: 1oz / 2oz / 4oz /  | Package Type: Screw cap bottle

Intenze Professional Zuper Black

Why it’s great: As my top black tattoo ink for a luxury splurge, Zuper Black comes with a slightly higher-than-average price point. That said, it does come in a generous bottle size—and boy—it delivers the goods. In addition to its cool branding and striking packaging, Zuper Black is an epic ink as it has an original black hue that will make your body art appear as if it’s jumping off your skin (in a good way, of course). The brand’s bold and balanced ink blend also boasts incredible fade resistance, meaning that your tattoos will look brand new for a long time. An excellent investment.

How it feels: This black ink has a rather lavish texture that’s not unlike a good tattoo lotion. It’s robust, it doesn’t drip, and it has a professional finish that’s a joy to work with, regardless of the size or style of your body art design.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: If you are on a slightly tighter budget, there are other perfectly brilliant products on this list that will suit inking needs.

Other Colors: n/a | Volume: 12.6 oz  | Package Type: Bottle

Element Nighthawk Black

Why it’s great: As one of Amazon’s most popular black tattoo ink products, the epically named Night Hawk is ideal for striking tribal-style tattoos and bold lined or patterned designs. This black tattoo ink is reasonably priced and it’s incredibly consistent in terms of tone and texture. Its Nighthawk Black shade is decidedly vibrant and a little lighter in tone than your average black ink. If you’re looking for a piece of body art that complements your style and grooming efforts—something that really stops people in their tracks—this wildly popular ink may well be the one for you.

How it feels: This ink has a medium consistency and it’s as smooth as butter. It works well in conjunction with tattoo-numbing creams or lotions, and its epic texture makes it perfect for designs that command intricate shading.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: If you’re looking for something a little deeper or darker in tone, this might not be the one for you. It also comes in small quantities.

Other Colors: n/a | Volume: 1 oz  | Package Type: Bottle

Bloodline All Purpose Black Tattoo Ink

Why it’s great: Easy to decant and trusted by body art professionals worldwide, this trusty blend from Bloodline is perfect for your everyday inking needs. This black tattoo ink boasts a classic pigmentation that offers plenty of artistic scope that will suit almost every need. It also comes in a generous bottle size and a little goes a long way. This is also a cruelty-free formula that’s made lovingly in smaller batches, making it a smooth, quality product you can count on time and time again.

How it feels: This ink glides across the skin and its balanced blend makes it a pleasure to work with. You won’t find any snags with Bloodline, it’s plain sailing all the way.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: If you’re looking for an ink for less frequent use, other products on the list might suit better.

Other Colors: n/a | Volume: 8 oz  | Package Type: Bottle

half skul half face tattoo on legs
ledcoult / Instagram

Buying Considerations for the Best Black Tattoo Ink


First things first. When searching for the best black tattoo ink, you need to check that the tone or hue will complement your skin tone as well as the other colors you’re looking to include in your body art design, if any.

If you’re going for a minimal tattoo style that leans heavily on black tattoo ink, making sure your ink of choice will pop is vital. If the pigmentation doesn’t suit your skin tone, you’re unlikely to see all those intricate lines. But, if your black ink is going to add a touch of flair or a little shading to a more multi-colored design, you’ll have a little more flex with the tone or hue of black ink.


Another key consideration when shopping for black ink is to look carefully at the ingredients list before pressing the ‘buy’ button.

Always check that the ingredients in your potential black tattoo ink will work for your skin type and cause minimal irritation. You should also cross-check any ingredients you’re a little unclear about to check they’re tried, tested, and trusted.


This one is important. Before committing, you should make sure that the brand, as well as the product you want for your body art, is 110% safe. Checking out user reviews and researching any potential brand you’re interested in will help you make the best possible decision for your inking needs.

roman god neptune tattoo
malditoduendetattoo / Instagram

Why you should trust us

I only have a couple of real tattoos (both of which heavily include rich black ink), but I adore body art. I also know countless body ink obsessives and working tattoo artists. Oh, it doesn’t hurt that I’ve been researching and writing about all things male style and grooming with FashionBeans for years at this point. From interesting chats with industry experts, I was able to curate a tried-and-tested shortlist that you can count on. I also did hours of web-based research and black tattoo ink comparisons to finalize my legendary shortlist of the top black tattoo ink products around right now. Enjoy.

Final Verdict

With an irresistible jet-black pigment and a fuss-free formula, Dynamic is my number one pick for best black tattoo ink.

Considering its sheer quality, striking finish, and superior staying power, this iconic ink is perfect for every kind of tattoo design, from the intricate to the minimal—and everything in between. But, while Dynamic came out on top, every black ink on my list is known for its epic quality and tattoo-boosting integrity. So, consider your personal needs, browse back through my list, and take your pick. It’s also worth mentioning that taking good care of any fresh tattoo will help with the healed look.


    • The reason that black ink is the best for tattoo outlines is the fact that among all of the hues and tones available, it offers the best definition.

      Working with black tattoo ink, you can add an extra layer of edge and depth to your body art designs. As black serves as an excellent contrast to most other tones, it will make certain parts of your tattoo pop, making it look sharper and more realistic in the process.

      • Each black tattoo ink is made from a slightly different melting pot of ingredients. But, today’s concoctions are usually made with a hint of carbon black or bone black diluted into a water-based solution of glycerin, and propylene glycol.

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