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Exclusive Interview With Brea Fournier

Today, we have the honor of speaking with Brea! With a track record of delivering soul-stirring melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, Brea continues to captivate audiences with her unparalleled talent and unwavering passion for the craft. Her newest release has left listeners captivated, showcasing a seamless blend of musical innovation and heartfelt emotion. Join us as we delve into the inspiration behind her latest masterpiece and uncover the magic that lies within.

Your new album has a distinct energy and vibe. Could you share some insights into the inspiration behind it and how it came to fruition?

My band’s concept album Manic Pixie Dream Girl! follows the story of the titular, infamous film archetype on her journey to proving to her listeners–and herself–that she is more than an object of the male gaze. When I moved to New York City at eighteen, I often felt like a real life manic pixie dream girl: a side character in the lives of others meant to get them from point A to B. I wanted to write my story from the perspective of this misunderstood woman so that I could finally give both her and myself a chance to be the main character in our own narratives.

The lyrics of your songs often delve into deeply personal themes. How do you balance vulnerability with storytelling in your songwriting process, and how does this reflect in your latest release?

My songwriting has always been extremely personal, but this album especially really feels like it came from the depths of my soul. I am so fortunate that I have built up a strong sense of trust with my band over our time playing together the last four years! Noah Rosner, Ben Shanblatt, and Sophia Bondi are my closest collaborators, and I trust them so much with my music. Because this album relies heavily on storytelling, it became all about making sure the most vulnerable songs were placed on the tracklist in the right order so that the emphasis remained on the flow of the story. The title track “Manic Pixie Dream Girl,” for example, is a deep one that I felt was best placed right in the center, as it represents a major turning point in the character’s process of reflection.

Collaboration is often a key element in the music-making process. Did you work with any other artists or producers on this song, and if so, how did their contributions shape the final product?

I mentioned my band already, and I truly feel that our collaborative process is at its peak on this project. After writing the music and lyrics for each song, I brought them in one by one to our rehearsals. We first tackled the emotionality of each track before diving right into experimentation as we fleshed out the arrangements. This process was truly so much fun, and the final products are what they are today because of our collective creative flow. Our producer Barb Morrison also became an essential collaborator when we began recording. It was up to them to understand our end-goal and because of this understanding, they were able to assist greatly in communicating that to the rest of our team, including our wonderful engineers (Jeremy Kinney, Matt Graff, Sam Warfield, and Dan Maslch), our mix engineer (Jonathan Jetter) and mastering engineer (Randy Merrill). This project wouldn’t be the same without this team and I am so grateful for each individual and group collaboration in the journey of creating this project.

The music industry is constantly evolving, especially in terms of technology and platforms for sharing music. How do you adapt to these changes, and what role did digital platforms play in the release and promotion of your latest song?

Staying on top of this ever-evolving industry isn’t easy, and while streaming platforms are obviously a very important tool for getting your music heard, potentially even all over the world, it can certainly be challenging to break through the noise. That’s part of why I decided to go on a pre-album release West Coast Tour this past summer. As an artist based in New York, I wanted to connect with our listeners out West face-to-face at live shows, and doing it the old school way with a tour ended up being the perfect way to go about that. We saw so many beautiful faces and shared the stage with so many other wildly talented bands, it was truly such a pleasure to grow our audience alongside them with an end-goal of expanding our community. I am over the moon for future tours we have in the works, so follow along on instagram @breafournier and @dreamballetband for updates!

As an artist, growth and evolution are essential. How do you feel you’ve evolved creatively since your last release, and what aspects of your artistry are you most excited to explore in the future?

Manic Pixie Dream Girl! is the first album I’ve ever written, and it was such a pleasure to explore my artistic growth through a release in long form. This album contains some of my most vulnerable writing to date, and while it has been so cathartic to share in those deep emotions with my listeners, I am excited to explore more lighthearted themes in my future releases. I’m expecting a summer of writing songs that just make you want to dance, and I can’t wait to see where that will take me!

Thank you, Brea, for sharing your insights and passion with us today. Your dedication to your craft and commitment to authenticity continue to inspire us all. We eagerly anticipate the next chapter of your musical journey and the stories you’ll share through your artistry.

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