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Review: West Avenue Band “Only One”

The West Avenue Band has recently launched its debut single “Only One.” The song is spirited, hard driving and powerful. In describing the band’s inspiration for the song, Frontman Quinn O’Meara exclaimed:

“Well Park Falls is about 20-30 years behind the rest of the country, culturally, mentally, and technologically. I feel like it’s the isolation and us all being so poor that really inspired us to write and record, yeah, but also just pure passion for doing it. We all really love making music together. A lot of the groups we hear sometimes suffer from being a little “out of touch” with the audiences. So, we wrote some songs that proletariat folks can relate to. We just don’t get the exposure up here and have to dedicate a lot more time to just working to eat and live. Very blue-collar shit. It gets really old…. We saved up all the money we had and flew to San Francisco to do the EP with NO Mansfield from Revolushn. We are still not financially recovered from that!

The song was produced by No Mansfield, the frontman of his own rock group “Revolushn. As a multi-instrumentalist, No has worked with the likes of Rod Stewart, Aretha Franklin, Berlin, No Doubt, Devo and others. Just like the West Avenue Band he hails from Wisconsin but is now located in San Francisco.”

The band consists of three very creative musicians who love rock n roll and especially love to perform live. Their songs are loud, electrifying and worth listening to. It’s hard rock with a tint of blues and a lot of great guitar work. Quinn has an arousing voice while the other two members Rhiannon and Tristan are tight. They are definitely inspired by the rock gods before them, Anthrax, Testament, Kiss, AC/DC etc. “Only One” can be heard all over the planet on all digital platforms….

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Instagram: @westaveband


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