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10 ‘Animal Crossing’ Memes for When You Want To Return to New Horizons

Two player characters with Nan the goat in Animal Crossing (Nintendo)

Yes, I am still playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons and I have no shame. It was a great diversion during the 2020 lockdown and now it’s a cozy little world I can disappear into whenever I want a break from adulting. You, too, should consider coming back to Animal Crossing! We have cats! Dogs! Rabbits! Wolves! Cows! And … memes. Lots and lots of memes about that New Horizons life.

Gulliver’s travels

Gulliver is a seagull, and as his name suggests, a sailor! But he’s not a very reliable one and can often be found washed up on the beach after “falling overboard.” That gives players a chance to creatively prank him. I mean, is it our fault he looks like he’s dead?!

Poor Gulliver! He does get very chatty when you wake him up, so some players would rather he just sleep … forever.

Never a gull moment on this island.

Something fishy

Perhaps you’ve noticed how suspiciously fish-like Animal Crossing junk is?

It can all get a bit… tire-ing.

All about that bass

If you’re not fishing tires out of the water then you’re probably finding sea bass in there instead. Those sea bass are truly the Zubats of Animal Crossing.

Flower power

I have been trying to get the damn Blue Rose to grow on my island for years now. YEARS. This meme understands how I feel.

So does this one. Though when I accidentally pick a flower I keep it and turn it into a flower crown!

The crimes of Bill Wibbly

Tumblr user elderly-scrolls made a joke about Animal Crossing fans and it soon got hilariously out of hand.

Look at those cold, dead eyes.

Bill Wibbly is not of course an actual character in any Animal Crossing game, but fans of this terrible, terrible monster have found ways to put him in there regardless.

He’s probably cooking your murdered family.

Celebrity villagers

I love it when I spot one of my villagers on a K.K. Slider album cover! When I saw my girl Tipper on K.K. Flamenco I made that exact Leo DiCaprio face.

Everyone hates Zipper

Zipper is the bunny who comes to visit you for “bunny day.” He’ll give you egg-themed gifts, but alas most players are just creeped out by him. Sorry, Zipper.

He does have some defenders though!

Call a Doctor

I personally don’t use the time-travel hack in Animal Crossing, but some folks do and the Doctor would be proud.

I can definitely see why someone would want to use time travel though, especially when this happens:

Luckily, according to the Doctor, time is actually just a ball of (Bill) Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Stuff.

Inappropriate attire

TIME FOR A TERRIBLE CONFESSION! When I bought Animal Crossing: New Leaf a decade ago, me and my SO thought it would be hilarious to draw a pair of breasts on a shirt and circulate it around the villagers. Unfortunately, we eventually gave the game to a second-hand store without wiping the data from it, and that means some poor unsuspecting person probably loaded up their copy and immediately saw a lion in a boob t-shirt. I AM SO SORRY.

Mad intense

This wholesome tweet from a now-private Twitter account nicely sums up the appeal of Animal Crossing.

And so does this one. They’ve just described the perfect life!

I guess it comes with caveats though. You would have to be constantly on guard for Zipper the bunny or Bill Wibbly.

(featured image: Nintendo)

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