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Vineet Drops New Single

Vineet Singh Hukmani is venturing into territory no other musician has dared. His new project is a full-fledged multiverse consisting of music, an accompanying comic book, and a 3D animated film. Run Storm & the Hope Star delivers the story of his character, an alter-ego named Run Storm, and the first music single from the multiverse project “Run! Run! Run!” introduces us to this impressive new side of Hukmani’s creativity. It’s a dazzler.

The romping synthesizer-fueled arrangement will get you moving, that’s for sure. It has unquestionable drive, getting close to listeners and pushing them physically. Nothing about this song is demure or reserved. It’s Hukmani in full flight, musically and vocally, and he sounds emboldened by the new direction he’s taken. It’s a popular misconception among many music listeners that traditional instruments provide a warm shine that synths cannot replicate, but Hukmani shows that to be a lie.

The music for “Run! Run! Run!” burns white-hot for the whole song. Contrasting with the incandescent heat of the arrangement is Hukmani’s voice. He sounds above it all, in full control of the proceedings, and the forceful phrasing he brings to bear enhances the song. It’s never too forceful, however, and it’s a pleasure to hear a singer so tuned in to a song’s melodic strengths. It makes for a more enjoyable listening experience.

He’s written straight forward lyrics for the song. They aren’t complicated and possess a delightful percussive snap that listeners will relish. Intelligence sparks from every line as well. These are placeholder words present just to give him something to sing and attentive listeners will note the effort he’s put into crafting each line. There isn’t a single word out of place and the balance between the music and lyrics is spot on.

His production is likewise spot on. Hukmani integrates his vocal into the arrangement in such a way that these key components never overshadow each other but work towards a common goal. Hukmani skillfully manages the separation between those components as well. Weaving together a track such as this in an artful and satisfying fashion is always a balancing act and he never upsets the song’s equilibrium with unforced errors.

It’s not difficult to believe the single sets the stage for his latest creation. “Run! Run! Run!” can also be judged apart from its place in Hukmani’s nascent multiverse because it makes its case through the superb use of basic songwriting strengths. You can enjoy this as part of the Run Storm & the Hope Star multiverse or on its own. It has ample rewards in whatever context you choose to hear it.

He’s breaking new ground. It’s what artists do. He’s doing it on his terms as well and enchanting us to follow his lead. The skill and confidence he displays at every turn makes our decision easy. Vineet Singh Hukman’s “Run! Run! Run!” surges from the outset and throws off sparks capable of lighting up any listener. It’s a great way to kick off his multiverse.

Troy Johnstone

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