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23 Best Vacuum Cleaners: From Cordless To Upright, These Are The Devices To Buy In 2023


  • The high price tag.
  • Some customers reported it has a few snags with bright light reflecting on the floor, thus causing the product to believe the floor has dropped off in that area and avoiding.

Customers are saying: “Amazing” and exceeds expectations. There’s a feature for everything and being able to customise your clean for different rooms and areas is life changing. 

GLAMOUR star rating: 4.5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨   

How did we test and review the best vacuum cleaners?

By using customer feedback on product websites, together with Google search engine stats on what you’ve been looking for, as well as taking a look to see which products feature higher-tech specs vs. less long-lasting components, we curated what we feel is a selection of the best cordless, upright, handheld and robot vacuums for sustained high-quality cleaning. We also tested out a handful ourselves to put some of the newer tech features to the test – one-touch emptying, multi-surface cleaning etc. – and we’ve filed through all the good and bad comments from previous buyers so you don’t have to. Not to mention we – as a team of fashion, interiors and beauty experts – happen to know a thing or two about which cleaning brands have earned their spot as a top vacuuming brand and, equally, which newcomers deserve recognition. Plus, with a team of 30+ here at GLAMOUR HQ, of course some of us have trialled a vacuum in our personal lives, so we have some time-earned dos and don’t knowhow, too. Our aim is to weed out which units will last and, should anything about a product let us know that that’s not the case, you’ll be the first to know – happy shopping!

How does the GLAMOUR star rating system work?

1/5 – Not one we’d be keen to include in our round ups, as we aim to pull together products you’ll want to buy, not those with a 1/5 rating. That said, a 1/5 score would mean the unit fails on all accounts, from tech to appearance.
2/5 – Again, not likely to be included in our content, a 2/5 would mean the product is disappointing in most areas, perhaps performing adequately in one field e.g. appearance.
3/5 – A 3/5 would mean the vacuum is adequate, perhaps a good choice if you don’t have much to spend, but leaves room for improvement. For instance, this could be a cordless vacuum that cleans up crumbs and small messes effectively, but only has 10 minutes of charge, so can’t be used for a full-house clean.
4/5 – A 4/5 would mean the vacuum is nearly everything you’d want, with problems only minute and easy to ignore. For example, a vacuum that is 99% perfect, but isn’t the most attractive looking unit.
5/5 – A 5/5 rating means the product, website and brand are all perfect. We will never give a product a five-star rating if it has a single fault that we’re aware of, so look out for these, they’re rather rare!

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