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People are fuming about the ‘sexist’ remark made to Lioness Chloe Kelly on Good Morning Britain

Chloe Kelly is at the absolute top of her game. Having scored the winning goal in the European Championship finals, securing the overall win for England against Germany, the 24-year-old has been in high demand. 

However, fans spotted that during her latest media appearance on Good Morning Britain, the footballer was subject to a “sexist” comment, courtesy of host Richard Madeley. After the interview, Richard said, “Chloe – or ‘Coco’ as I call my daughter Chloe – Coco, thank you very much indeed for coming in.” 

His decision to refer to Chloe with the nickname he usually reserves for his daughter has rightly been criticised for its paternalistic and infantilising overtones. One viewer tweeted, “Richard Madeley wrapping up his interview with Chloe Kelly by calling her ‘Coco’ “because that’s what I call MY daughter Chloe” is exactly the sort of high level awkward cringe I can’t cope with today.”

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Another person wrote, “Richard Madeley you don’t interview someone then end with calling them your daughters nickname .. show Chloe kelly some respect, she’s more than earned it [sic],” while one viewer added, “I have to say, I cannot imagine a young male player who’d just scored the winning goal for England in a final going on TV and being told “Colin – or ‘Col-Col’ as I call my son Colin – Col-Col, thank you very much indeed for coming in.”

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

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