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What the new moon in Leo on 28th July means for you astrologically

With that caveat, I have to say: This chart, however, is surprisingly unsubtle.

This lunar month, we’ll be working with a new moon in the 9th House of beliefs and expanded consciousness. The new moon (i.e. the sun and the moon — remember NASA’s little lesson above!) are conjoined loosely by Mercury (planet of communication) in Leo, which expresses itself proudly and without reserve, sometimes exaggerating the truth; that all can be found in the 9th House tells us that we need to express our higher truths right now.

On the other side of Mercury and the new moon, we have Saturn in Aquarius. When Saturn (the planet of responsibility, structure, and authority) is in Aquarius (the sign of independence, rebellion, and innovation), the stars ask us to contemplate the structures we want to build for a better future.

And then we have Mars (the planet of will and action), coming right up behind — also known as being conjunct — Uranus (planet of disruption), next to the North Node of fate and what we’re moving towards. This is then all set in Taurus, the sign of stability, maintaining the status quo, and building structure. Mars, the North Node, Uranus, and Taurus are all at a 90-degree angle to Saturn and the Mercury, sun, and moon. In astrology, we call this a T-square, when two or more planets oppose each other, and a third planet or group of planets is squaring them.

I typically shy away from making predictions on current events in astrology; these types of subjects are often too tricky and too nuanced for me to feel confident about the usefulness of insights. Still, I am struck by the coming new moon’s chart vibrating with recent events.

What is a “T-square”, and how might it affect you this month?

First, let’s look at each component of this T-square, starting with the squaring planets. We have explosive anger and impulsive action with Uranus and Mars in Taurus. Taurus is a “feminine” sign (also called a “yin,” or receptive sign), ruled by Venus, which often deals with the body and the way things physically feel in a very tangible way.

These are next to the North Node of fate, which tells us that action is necessary to move forward and to learn spiritual lessons. This looks like righteousness and rebellion — a blast, a boom, a bang. Then, we have Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Leo in the 9th House. We see people shouting their truths, sharing their stories, and creating art to express their indignation toward existing power structures, injustices, and inequalities in the world.

Finally, opposite to that, we have Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, which asks big questions: Are the structures we’re building (or reimagining) for the good of everyone? What can we do as individuals, groups, and whole communities? While these are by no means easy questions to answer, they are sure to continue swirling around amidst the many, many difficult issues facing our world today.

Some aspects of astrology are subtle, often expressing themselves through internal experiences or our relationships with other people and the world. Others are less so and instead can manifest in very physical (i.e. concrete) events. I expect this new moon in Leo will be the latter; this is an aspect that demands our attention and creates a lot of energy — energy that wishes to be expressed. It may even portend the volatility of the upcoming lunar cycle. This will likely not be a quiet feeling in your soul so much as an outward manifestation. Something in your life will feel this explosive energy. The chart is ruled by Mars in Taurus, which wants to project a calm, grounded exterior even as unconscious rage and even anguish festers below the surface.

So, how can we work with this energy without letting it overtake us? From an astrologer’s POV, this is not the time to launch anything new. Instead, focus on deeply feeling what is going on within you. Sometimes, we experience emotions that can be difficult, shameful, and even painful to express, like repressed anger. Nevertheless, these feelings need to be addressed in whatever way makes the most sense for you and your needs, whether this is through writing, making art, talking it out, or screaming into a pillow. Don’t let it poison you — let it out.

The jury is out on whether the planets “affect” us or truly “cause” anything to happen. However, nearly all astrologers agree that there is always a correlation between what the planets are doing and what is happening here on earth. (You may have heard the phrase “as above, so below” — it is a favourite among professional astrologers and can be found in many metaphysical and philosophical texts.) Therefore, it is no surprise that the chart reflects our uncertain times.

This article was originally published on Allure.

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