‘Condemned: Criminal Origins’ Still Hits Like a Lead Pipe to the Skull [Safe Room Podcast]

She only did her…hair

After a wild month that has included gay panic in Creep, a TV musical in Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s ‘Once More, With Feeling’ and our 150th episode extravaganza with The Lost Boys, we’re closing out the month with a slam dunk 1940s film noir. That’s right: it’s finally time for a Val Lewton classic with The Seventh Victim and who better to join us than queer author David Demchuk, author of Red X.

In the Mark Robson-directed film, naive teenager Mary (Kim Hunter) travels to the big city to find her missing sister Jacqueline (Jean Brooks), who has run afoul of a group of Satanists called the Palladists. Thwarted by Esther Redi (Mary Newton), the new owner of Jacqueline’s cosmetics empire, and Jacqueline’s “hair dresser” Frances (Isabel Jewell), the younger sister leans on Jacqueline’s “friends” Dr. Louis Judd (Tom Conway) and lawyer Gregory Ward (Hugh Beaumont) to assist her in her search. Will the idealistic ingenue be able to navigate the dangers of the inky black and white city and find her sister before a terrible fate befalls them both?

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Episode 153 – The Seventh Victim (1943)

Stay away from the wine because we, along with celebrated queer author David Demchuk, are covering our first Val Lewton film: The Seventh Victim (1943).

The HEAVILY queer coded text is a nice alternative to our Universal Monster films, though we recommend having a comedy for when you finish because this movie is grim and nihilistic! Also, should we become Satanists? Because the Palladists don’t seem that bad!

Up for discussion: disdain for the male characters, Lewton’s classic “cat jump” sequence, and Frances’ emotional outburst as confirmation of a lesbian relationship.

Plus: Joe gushes over Jean Brooks’ performance, Trace cannot remember the poet’s name, and David questions Redi’s decision to put the logo of her secret society on a perfume bottle.

Cross out The Seventh Victim!

Coming up on Wednesday: We’re headed to Rochester for a look at the possibly homophobic, and definitely confused gay antichrist film, Fear No Evil (1981)!

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