The Boo Crew Chats With Nick Frost About ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and New Project ‘Why Women Kill’ [Podcast]

Nick Frost the acclaimed actor known for Shaun of the Dead, is working on a delightfully dark show for Paramount+. Frost called into Bloody Disgusting’s Boo Crew to talk about the inspirations for his newest role, Bertram, in Why Women Kill.

Horror has always been a staple in Frost’s life, from watching zombie movies with his sister to walking around graveyards trying to scare Simon Pegg. “We were… We kinda… We didn’t have women in our life,” Frost laughed, “Why don’t we drive up to this old Saxton church and see if we can’t get in, or just walk around the graveyard? We’d go and try and frighten each other!” Often to great success, resulting in the pair sprinting out of forests and trying to get home as quickly as possible.

The Boo Crew also asked about the iconic record-throwing scene in Shaun of the Dead, “Me and Simon were really frightened about throwing things at Mark and Mary ‘cause we didn’t want to hurt them… Edgar does a thing where he’ll come over and then say to us really quietly, ‘really go for it!’”

Frost has a knack for embodying iconic characters, which he credits to his appearance. “There is something about being fairly plain looking that means you can be anyone and people believe that,” he says, “… But I just love it, it’s not easy for me, I struggle doing the job I do, because I suffer a lot with [anxiety]… I’m physically ill a lot when I do a job, I work like every hour to make sure I know everything about the script, because I don’t want to fuck it up.”

Why Women Kill pushed Frost to new extremes to create Bertram, “He’s an oaf, he really loves Alma, he loves the family… And he doesn’t see that he’s doing anything wrong. He thinks he’s helping people.” Why Women Kill was brought to life by the incredible set, props, and of course the iconic costumes created by Janie Bryant (Mad Men, It). “She would always insist on me wearing socks from the 1930s. I think men must have had really thin ankles 100 years ago because it literally took me 20 minutes to put a pair of socks on,” Frost says.

Want to hear about some of Frost’s other work? You’ll have to tune in to hear the chilling true story that inspired his role Declan in “The Nevers”!

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