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“Trouble” From Pop Sensation Ashley Suppa

“Trouble,” a new single from 18-year-old singer/songwriter Ashley Suppa, starts slow, but then quickly bursts open with an almost 80’s dance sound. Suppa’s voice is the star of the show, absolutely stunning. She has incredible range and sounds like she has been doing this all her life. And in a way she has. Suppa’s first musical experience was at the very young age of 6, being picked to sing backing vocals for renowned guitarist Ace Frehley’s (of KISS) album “Anomaly”. By age 12 she was learning bass and taking vocal lessons, and by 15 she was writing her own songs and recording herself onto her laptop. Grammy-Nominated Producer Alex Salzman recognized her talent and immediately began working with her on a debut album. She has a clear passion for her music and her new single shows that off.

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“Trouble” starts sort of slow, making it feel like it’s going to be a somber song. But when the beat hits, coupled with Suppa’s powerful voice, the song bursts open and becomes lively and groovy. The lyrics ask a lover/friend to come back around and “cause a little trouble.” It speaks to young love in a relatable way. It’s super catchy and infectious, with great pacing and lyrics that are simple enough for audiences to connect with quickly. The “la la las” at the end of the chorus are a nice touch and make the song memorable. If nothing else, that part will get pleasantly stuck in your head.

While “Trouble” has a sort of retro-meets-modern vibe, it doesn’t sound like a carbon copy of the past. The references to her influences, like David Bowie, Bruno Mars, and Dua Lipa, are there without it sounding ripped off. The song doesn’t sound over-stylized like a lot of Pop today, which allows Suppa’s voice to come through in full force. Being only 18, she has a strong music career ahead of her if she hits it right. When someone has her kind of talent and focus, they can accomplish great things.

If you’re looking for something to add to your playlist, put “Trouble” on it. It’s perfect for summer parties, road trips, or rocking out while trying to clean your house. Suppa could potentially give modern Pop music the facelift it needs. Fans have already begun to take notice of her. Ashley Suppa has thousands of followers on Instagram and almost 12K followers on TikTok. She’s already got the hardest part over with; getting people to listen to her music. As live music becomes a thing again, I hope she is able to get out there and perform.

“Trouble” shows what Ashley Suppa can do, and I don’t think it’ll be long before she begins to gain even more fans. Her voice is stellar, she has focus and tons of eclectic influences, and she’s able to pull from those influences while infusing her music with her own style. She’s someone to keep tabs on and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this song or a future track from her on the radio someday.

Troy Johnstone

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