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Intelligent Diva Releases “Sex To A Sax” (feat. Aaron Bing)

It’s hard to imagine a day in the life of Intelligent Diva. By day, she works as a data tester, and by night, she is a Singer/Rapper/Actress/Entrepreneur. Intelligent Diva is a woman who has a keenly specific idea of who she is, and she is not easily deterred by any form of opposition. She shows temerity in the face of any and all challenges and has committed her life to creating not simply a performer, but an enterprise. In many ways, Intelligent Diva is someone who takes the idea of the American Dream, very seriously, without a modicum of doubt.

URL: https://intelligentdivamusic.com/

Intelligent Diva’s love of music was birthed in Church, where she sang in the choir. She considers Gospel music to be her roots, and intends to return that genre, eventually. Therefore it may seem a strong dichotomy, when you consider the nature of the music, that ID is currently making. Diva has recently stated that her current sound is intended for a mature audience. She hasn’t elaborated any further on what inspired the decision to pursue this direction.

Intelligent Diva has cemented the nature of her new direction, with her current single, “Sex To A Sax.” The track features, Aaron Bing, on the latter equation of that title, who leaves no debate in regards to the range of his skills. ID is feisty, soulful, and dominant in her vocal performance, and Bing matches her every step of the way. The two reach a frenzied and implied crescendo by song’s end, that is as highly charged as it is suggestive. For her part, Diva turns in a controlled, but dynamic vocal performance.

If for some reason, you’re wondering what “Sex To A Sax” is about, then just look at the title. Intelligent Diva isn’t one for metaphorical tropes, or symbolic phrasing. She likes to get right to the point, it seems. There is certainly an audience for ID, and with each release, she aims to widen her exposure. One of the things I found peculiar about Intelligent Diva is that she apparently uses no form of social media. She calls it a “distraction,” and truth be told, it might be better for the industry as a whole, if we were to follow her example, here.

With her new release, it’s in this reviewers opinion that Intelligent Diva has taken a major step towards finding her true voice. It’s this nature and tone of content, in which Diva can showcase her most authentic self and qualities. She is certainly an ambitious, go getter, and that is a highly positive example to set. She doesn’t just set goals, or talk about what she wants, she goes after it, in a focused and grounded manner. As we rebuild our society and reassemble its functionality, our personal initiative will be a crucial tool in order to succeed. While there are many ways to describe Intelligent Diva, and potentially even more opinions on her, one thing is certain, she knows who she wants to be, and what she wants that woman to have.

Troy Johnstone

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