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Texas Cow Punk Legends Jesse & The Hogg Brothers Release New Record

It’s still not entirely clear if Jesse And The Hoggs, invented the Cow Punk genre. It’s quite likely that it existed prior to their formation, but I must admit, it’s a new one for me. Nevertheless, Cow Punk seems like the style that we never knew we wanted, and Jesse And The Hoggs are here to satisfy that subconscious craving. On their new album, Get Hammered, they cover a range of deep seated issues, such as onion rings, defense lawyers, and yes, flatulence. The band seems to have one primary goal, and that is to make you laugh, and if that’s the case, they have succeeded.


“Hogg Tail Twist” is a catchy enough tune, that resembles a commercial jingle, for a local barbecue joint. Not sure if it’s some sort of a patent for the band, with the ode to their name, but it certainly could be. The guitar stands out on this one, with a beautifully textured and clean tone. It also seems to feature a different lead vocal, than Jesse, himself, but that’s mere conjecture. “Hogg Tail Twist” is not the highlight of Get Hammered, but a valuable addition.

“We’re All In This Together” is a bit of a departure from the rest of Get Hammered, as it momentarily drops the comedy, and takes on a serious tone. With a more rock oriented guitar and driving rhythm, the song essentially advocates unity over division and love over hate. This was an interesting choice to add to an otherwise sardonically flavored work.  Perhaps, it was done to show there is more to Jess and Company, than sophomoric humor, with a Southern slant. The song features an opening sample of a wild west shootout, and a menacing effect on the lead vocal, well hate is bad and love is good/I thought this was understood. “We’re All In This Together” is memorable for having a greater sense of urgency than essentially any other track on the record.

We then come to “Wait A Minute,” and oh my, this is most likely to be the one people are talking/laughing uncontrollably about. It’s a four and a half minute ode to the devastating residuals of flatulence. Yes, you read that right. Regardless of your age and level of maturity, you are likely to find yourself rolling on the floor, at the sheer audacity of this song. For breakfast I had burritos and some beer/for lunch I had some cabbage and some deer/for dinner I had pickled bass/you best stay clear of my ass/cause I’m about to let one, let one pass.


For all of its quirk and straight up silliness, Get Hammered is a record that will put a smile on your face. Those with Southern roots, know that simple pleasures are the best pleasures, and one thing you won’t find here, is anything resembling pretentiousness. It’s refreshing in a way, how refined and void of excessive self awareness a record can be in this day and age. This is music designed to entertain you and in my opinion, it succeeds. Jesse And The Hoggs may know how to Get Hammered, but more importantly, they know how to have a good time, in the process.

Troy Johnstone

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