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Exclusive Interview with Dina Renee

How are you making out in 2021 with your music? 

It’s been great to release two new songs and I have more coming soon!

What has the difference been between 2020 Dina Renee vs. 2021 Dina Renee?

I have really learned so much about myself during 2020 and I’m ready to share it all through my music in 2021.

Is there anything or one that has contributed to the growth?

I would be lost without my manager Birdee at Bsquared. Her support means so much.

What do you base your success on? 

I think seeing people’s comments that are listening to my songs mean so much. To me being able to even just release music and have anyone listen is success.

How has the support of your fans kept you to keep on going?

It really means a lot that my fans support my music. It motivates me to put more songs out more often.

Any major news to share? 

I am really excited to be releasing new music this summer and more music videos.

What do new fans need to stream RIGHT now of yours?  

My new song “Can’t Let You Go”

Where can they keep up with you going forward? 

I’m most active on my instagram @dinarenee

Leave us with one word to keep us guessing about what’s next for you! 


For Press Inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

End of Interview

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