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Interview with Mark Vogel

Hi Mark, excited to catch up with you today. To start with, tell us about your history in the music industry. 

My history, hmmmm, well I started working as a teenager.

I became the Music Director for “MUSIC OF MANY LANDS”.  A television series produced in Anaheim, about a mile from Disneyland and I played and sang on camera, too.  Actually, since it was local tv at first – I did everything from acting to writing theme songs and arranging vocals for guest singers.  It found success, and became A Western ITV Production, at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood.  I stayed with the show through high school and college…I did over 100 shows, and learned everything about music for television.  Now I know having a TV job as a teenager is was amazing, and I owe it to my mentor, Rachel Beeman for taking a big chance on me!

Also during high school, I got into THE YOUNG AMERICANS.

The group performed all over the world and opened for many famous performers.  I was a featured singer and the first ‘kid’ to direct concerts and do arrangements for the group. We did television shows, concerts and tours with dozens of celebrities.

I’ve had a couple of record deals as a solo artist.  I learned that producing the record is everything to me, and that’s what I wanted to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love performing, and always will.  I have toured the US and many countries performing and I have performed for 3 U.S. presidents in my career.

My big breaks came in Television Music.  ABC called and I did a pilot as part of the music staff.  The pilot didn’t get picked up but it was on the set of FULL HOUSE (shot during their hiatus) and I had a feeling I’d be working on that set.  That same year, I met John Stamos.  We put a band together and the next thing I knew, I was on Full House and was in Jesse and the Rippers.

During the last season, I did a gig with the cast of DESIGNING WOMEN, and when DELTA (Burke) got the call to do her own show, I was her vocal coach and became songwriter and producer.  DELTA was also on ABC.

My 3rd hit with ABC was Ryan Reynolds first series in the U.S. called  “TWO GUYS, A GIRL, and A PIZZA PLACE”. I wrote the theme song and was the composer for the series.  It won my the BMI award for television.  I did 7 other shows for television, but these were my hits.

I’ve done 8 films.  I just got film #9 in February of 2021.

What is your production and recording process like?

I truly believe it’s the marriage of the right artist with the right song.  The sound, the vocal, the arrangement and the mix will take it from there…but you gotta have the right artist and the right song.

 What are you most excited for as the world begins opening up again?

THE STAGE!!!!!!!  We get to go back on stage and perform LIVE.

I mean let’s face it, once the record it out…it’s all about the concerts and live performances.

 What has been the biggest challenge for you during this past year?

I think the biggest challenge was trying to get the right performance out of an artist on Zoom…but after a while, it actually became natural.  It might be the new normal for long distance artists and it works.

 Speaking of this year, anything exciting you can tell us about coming up?

I signed a deal with Mercia Records and our first single comes out May 7th!  “Tomorrow” is the song and TERRON BROOKS is the artist.  Please check it out!!

 Who is your dream artist to collaborate with?

Let’s just say that I have a big announcement soon, and I think that dream may come true 🙂

 Thanks for chatting with us Mark, where can readers find you online?

markvogelmusic on Instagram and please check out my website: markvogelmusic.co

End of Interview

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