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Sex and the City may have aired over 20 years ago but the urban adventures of its colorful characters continue to be relevant. While Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda navigated love and life in the Big Apple, each of them possessed certain personality traits that helped them balance their professional and romantic struggles and triumphs.

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The very first episode of the series opened up with Miranda’s 35th birthday, and birthday celebrations represented more than just milestones in the lives of the ladies - they indicated how their personalities corresponded to their zodiac sign with all their inherent strengths and weaknesses. Find out the Sex and the City characters’ zodiac signs below!

Updated on May 1st, 2021 by Kayleena Pierce-Bohen: With the highly anticipated premiere of the Sex and the City revival And Just Like That, there’s more interest than ever before in the current lives of the girls. How they will have changed in the years since Sex and the City ended may impact their personalities, but their zodiac signs will always reveal the truth. We’ve included moon signs for a couple of the main characters to shed light on the sides of themselves they often keep hidden or under wraps. 

17 Mr. Big – Aries

Born on April 7th, 1955, Mr. Big was an infamous business tycoon as well as a womanizer and knew how to work a room. His confidence and charisma stole Carrie’s heart, but their relationship was the only deal he had a hard time closing.

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A natural Aries, Big was aptly named for his larger-than-life presence. His aggressive tendencies often made him impulsive and quick-tempered, but beneath his bravado beat the heart of a true romantic if only he could get over his fear of commitment.

16 Mr. Big Moon - Libra

Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Mr. Big (Chris Noth) embracing in "Sex and the City."

Thanks to the moon on his birthday, Big was always going to be an old softy. Despite his confidence and swagger, a tender-hearted romantic lurked inside, waiting for the right person to engage his Libra tendencies.

Big found that only one person could ever emotionally satisfy him, and despite how ambiguous he could be with his feelings, he remained in his way devoted to Carrie. He wined and dined her, and tried to introduce her to the things that meant something to him. Like his Henry Mancini records, he was a classic.

15 Samantha Jones – Taurus

Born on April 28th, 1958, Samantha Jones was a notorious seductress in the New York City social scene as well as an influential publicist. She was as lethal in dealings of business as she was with pleasure – she took no prisoners and played to win.

Like many Taurus, Samantha showed loyalty and warmth with her friends, but with celebrities and business partners she could be self-indulgent and downright greedy. With lovers she often ran hot and cold, often needing a lot of security before she felt comfortable opening up.

14 Samantha Jones Moon - Leo

Samantha Jones looking glamorous in Sex and the City

Her birthday assigned her the lunar sign Leo, and the moon seemed to know that Sam would only risk her self-respect when it came to someone she truly loved (and even then she would never expect her independence to go away).

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Sam wanted -nay, demanded- to feel prized by whomever she was with, whether it was a fling or someone like Richard Wright who showered her with affection only to abandon her when she returned it in earnest. Like many Leos, Samantha could love -and live- boldly, but it had to be on her own terms.

13 Smith Jerrod – Gemini

Samantha Jones’ gorgeous boyfriend Jerry “Smith” Jerrod may not have gotten a birthday shout-out, but his resourceful attitude, sense of humor, and youthful energy certainly pointed to him being a Gemini.

As a Gemini, Smith often had to be adaptive, whether it meant auditioning for a Hollywood blockbuster or for a spot on Samantha’s social calendar. He demonstrated his sign’s inquisitiveness whenever he wanted to break down Samantha’s emotional walls.

12 Miranda Hobbes – Cancer

Born in July of 1966, Miranda Hobbes was a high-powered lawyer who never felt like she needed a man to get what she wanted out of life. She saw any lover in her life as her equal, and not someone who needed to support her.

As a Cancer Miranda was incredibly cautious and shrewd, almost going so far as to be skeptical of men who acted in good faith. Once her boyfriend Steve got past her moody side, she could be quite loving, warm, and loyal.

11 Miranda Hobbes Moon – Sagittarius

Given that she was born in July, Miranda could have had any number of lunar signs given the position of the moon on her birthday, but she most closely resembled a Sagittarius. She was vocal when she got emotional, often relying on humor to diffuse a situation she felt vulnerable in, but wasn’t known for being effusive in general.

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Most importantly, despite her need for control, she needed freedom in her relationships to do as she pleased. She knew the benefits of a relationship but unless it met her standards, it was easier to be single.

10 Harry Goldenblatt – Leo

The gregarious and good-natured second husband of Charlotte York, Harry Goldenblatt began their courtship as her divorce lawyer. Though his birthday wasn’t celebrated on the series, those qualities clearly indicate he’s got the bravado of the lion sign.

When he was working, Harry could be bossy and pompous, but when he was home with his wife he was devoted and loving. Leos are known for being open-minded, and Harry thought nothing of adopting a baby with Charlotte when she couldn’t have a child of her own.

9 Stanford Blatch – Virgo

While most of the gay men in Sex and the City strutted their stuff on the streets of NYC like they were on the runway at fashion week, Stanford Blatch was modest and shy and was the first to admit to Carrie that he didn’t feel like he fit in anywhere.

While his birthday was never mentioned in the series, his meticulous traits pointed to him being a Virgo, especially when he got overly fussing and critical. He constantly worried about not only how he was perceived in public, but how his family viewed him, given he wasn’t out to all of them.

8 Carrie Bradshaw – Libra

Carrie Bradshaw’s birthday was October 10th, 1968, making her the most naturally romantic sign – Libra. Her weekly column about love in the big city provided the framework for each episode of Sex and the City, and her opinions on dating provided a north star for modern single women everywhere.

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Like a true Libra, Carrie believed in love, “Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other-love”, and would do anything to find it. Of her friends, she was the most flirtatious and easygoing, though she had a tendency to be easily influenced when it came to Mr. Big.

7 Carrie Bradshaw Moon - Taurus

Carrie Bradshaw looking serene

While Carrie Bradshaw’s zodiac sign may have been a loving Libra, according to the lunar chart for her birth date, her moon sign was Taurus, which aligned with her tendency to pull away from those who had hurt her, like Mr. Big. She craved affection and passion, but when she didn’t get it she could turn cold, petty, and outright cruel. This tendency led to fights not only with Big but also with her friends.

When it came to her friends she could be incredibly loyal and dependable, often acting as the social “glue” that kept them all together, but her irrational temper could divide them just as much.

6 Aleksandr Petrosvky – Scorpio

The series never expressly stated Aleksandr Petrovsky’s birthday, but it seems like the mercurial and brooding artist would have been born sometime in the winter months of October or November.

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Like many Scorpio, he could be passionate and emotionally provocative. He was world-renowned and had a magnetism that entranced Carrie, but when it came time for him to let her share the spotlight, he became jealous and resentful.

5 Aidan Shaw – Sagittarius

For some reason, the second biggest love in Carrie’s life didn’t get a birthday mention on Sex and the City, but his easygoing attitude, laconic charm, and straightforward approach to love made him a perfect Sagittarius.

Aidan loved Carrie despite her neurotic flaws, perhaps too carelessly to realize that she didn’t reincorporate with the same fervor. He was a country boy, and she would forever be a city girl. Despite their relationship ending twice, his enduring optimism would never let them be enemies.

4 Anthony Marantino – Capricorn

Anthony Marantino burst into Charlotte York’s life as a loud, proud gay event planner who had no problem telling her exactly what was on his mind, especially after he helped plan her wedding.

Though his birthday was never mentioned, with his absolute candor (especially regarding Charlotte’s sex life), his pessimism about love, and his eternally practical way of looking at life, he seemed like a perfect Capricorn.

3 Charlotte York – Aquarius

Born on January 23rd, 1967, Charlotte York was a gallerist and a homemaker and was the most traditional of all her friends. She loved vintage glamour and elegance and believed her prince charming was just a white horse ride away.

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Friendly and loyal, Charlotte was often the mediator in her group of friends. While she wasn’t as wildly creative as some Aquarius, she valued the creativity of others and supported the art world.

2 Charlotte York Moon – Gemini

Charlotte York in a swimsuit

Playful and optimistic, it’s not surprising that Charlotte’s birthday made her moon sign a Gemini. Though she had a tendency to overthink things during a good gossip session with her friends, she could never be pessimistic for too long.

With her peppy, youthful demeanor, her sign made her a perfect social darling at any party or gallery opening. She was never afraid to mingle or speak her mind, or have new experiences (even when it came to sexual activities she never thought she’d try).

1 Steve Brady – Pisces

Of all of Miranda’s boyfriends, Steve Brady was the most sensitive and earnest. He was giving and selfless, and eventually, he was able to win over her New York cynicism. Though the series didn’t give him a birthday, these qualities indicate he was a Pisces.

Like many of his sign, he was prone to seeing the world through rose-colored glasses, which Miranda thought made him naive.  But his carefree attitude rubbed off on her, and he was the best possible husband and dad.

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