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Intelligent Diva – “Work It Out Now”

Hailing from Jacksonville, the bluntly christened, Intelligent Diva, has released a new single, “Work It Out Now.” Like all of her previous work, the new single is brought to us by her personal record label,  Intelligent Diva. Like a character from reality TV, Intelligent Diva has a loud enough personality to be well known, even without her creative endeavors. But combined with her talents and entrepreneurial spirit, she separates herself from the pack. On her new single, she gets a little wild, with a lot of attitude, and the result is a memorable ride.

Intelligent Diva is a Singer, Actress, and Business Owner, as aforementioned. Her journey began, like most, as just a youngster with a dream to perform and to excel. Since then, she has set forth with a resilient ambition and a tireless work ethic, to establish herself as a one woman brand. She has two feature films on the horizon, and her catalog of music continues to grow. She has subscribed to the adage, that if you can dream it, you can do it, and shown just how much a determined mindset can accomplish.

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/intelligentdivamusic/

A song like “Work It Out Now,” certainly has its audience. Chances are, if you are reading this review, you are at least, vaguely interested. For those that enjoy the genre, Intelligent Diva’s “Work It Out Now” is a worthy addendum to their playlist. As previously touched upon, it has a lot of attitude, along with sass and panache.  It’s said that this is a departure from ID’s previous work, and it could have to do with the fact that the lyrical content is somewhat salacious.

Intelligent Diva dipped her toes into R-Rated water on “Work It Out Now,” and ended up with a parental advisory warning. The song seems to basically suggest to work what you have and to use your attributes, aesthetical and otherwise, to own whatever room you find yourself in. Based on that conclusion, it’s difficult to extrapolate ID’s message as being anything other than positive. The package the song is wrapped in, is oh so slightly polarizing though. But if we’re being completely honest with ourselves though, what genre of music isn’t at least marginally divisive, in modern times?

The track is well arranged, with only a few hiccups in post production and mixing. ID hits a shriek to kick off the track, that is pitchy to say the least, but it’s hard to say if this was intentional or not. She stays relatively consistent throughout the rest of the song, with a bit of a rasp that works better in some instances than others. Her enthusiasm is never in question, and she gives her all throughout the entire performance. She’s at a 9, from the word go, and to her credit, she never once lets up

.From all indications, this is shaping up to be a pivotal time for Intelligent Diva. This release succeeds in accelerating that momentum, and keeping ID in the spotlight. Because she has already shown such versatility, it will continue to be attention worthy as to where she goes next. “Work It Out Now” is a fun, spicy, well performed track, and fans of the genre are encouraged to check it out.

Troy Johnstone

The music of Intelligent Diva has been heard all over the world in partnership with the radio plugging services offered by Musik and Film Radio Promotions Division.  Learn more https://musikandfilm.com

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