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Kendra & The Bunnies Declare A “Self-Love Proclamation”

Kendra & The Bunnies are back with the unstoppable pop/folk hit “Self-Love Proclamation”. Originally from Houston and now based in Los Angeles, Kendra Muecke has continued to emphasis her natural optimism and eclectic mix of rock, Sixties flavors and folky leanings in her work. “Self-Love Proclamation” is bursting with fun and is a clear indicator that Muecke inspires her listeners to be confident and themselves.


With a backdrop of lofty sounds and warm guitars, Muecke sets the stage for her affirmation. Comparing the idea of showing your true self and being your own person to ripping off a band aid, Muecke sings you gotta get down to the core. She continues with they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, well, every day I hold on a bit longer. Flowing underneath her clear vocals are a mild mix of twangy guitars, and a solid rhythm section. The feverish beat is found, naturally, in her cadence. She certainly has a natural rapport in her audience and as a listener, I wanted to keep listening because she was so bubbly, but not cutesy bubbly. Here’s my self-love proclamation she asserts – the song then just goes into a spin of fun, fresh arrangement. The music bed is upbeat and it’s hard to not feel like you’re not out enjoying your best day.

Maybe it’s her Texas spunk or the way she peppers in little country speckles, but this song feels much more lively that what is happening on contemporary radio. Muecke shows a lot more depth in this outing than I’ve heard in past songs (that’s not to say her other projects like last year’s ultra-cool Of Vinyl is full of prose and her vintage sheen). I think where she took me on “Self-Love Proclamation” is where we all need to visit on a daily basis: self-confidence and assuredness. When she sings no time for explanation, she’s right. Muecke is relentlessly herself and her art is a reflection of that honesty. In many ways, she reminds me of Janis Joplin. She doesn’t have the same voice range, but Muecke possesses this effortless, wonderful spirit that shines through in her music. You can’t tell me you don’t immediately recognize who Joplin was when you hear her music. She transports you. Muecke excels at doing that in the same way. She honors her audience by giving them a fighting chance at opening their eyes and breaking down those walls and letting their real self appear before the world.

“Self-Love Proclamation” ends with Muecke humming softly bah-bah-bah, as if she’s saying, it’s time to go make my mark. You do you, I will do me, these words said to me. And I’m certain she sang it with a smile. She drifts off into the sunset leaving the world all the much better. It’s an enjoyable way to end an engaging song. New to Kendra & The Bunnies? This is a great song to get you started. I would also highly suggest the Of Vinyl track “Sucré Mon Cherí”.

Troy Johnstone

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