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Exclusive Interview with Rising Star Icielani

How would you classify your music?  

My music classification as an Artist is Tropical, r&b pop. So it definitely is a combination of sounds with some additions to the classifications in Tropical, r&b pop style of music. For example when I talk about R&B you can also include rap or hip hop music and when I talk about tropical music there is an array of subgenres that fall into that category like reggae, reggeaton, bachata and ambient music.

Who are some of your top 5 musical influences? 

Top five would be hard as I have more than five but growing up my parents would play anyone from Prince to The Beatles to guns and roses to Madonna, Michael and Janet Jackson to Whitney Houston to okay I think I said more than 5 haha but the list does go on and on up to today’s new artists.

What do you want fans to take from your music?

I like people to feel free, confident and uplifting when listening to my music. I like to dance when I listen to music so I like to make music to make people dance.

How’s the music scene in your locale? 

Music scene where I live in Miami and where I’m from Toronto Originally is very diverse and new styles are being born from a combinations of culture, sounds and other historic genres.

When did you know you were destined for music? 

Since I sang in a church choir and in my parents living room with my siblings growing up. When I would perform in local Theatres growing up I always love the stage and performance.

What is the best concert you have been to? What do you like most about playing live?

Best concert was performing on stage in front of 75000 + people in Toronto, I enjoy seeing the happiness in people and when you know everyone is having a good time.

Is there a song on your latest CD release here that stands out as your personal favorite, and why?  

The song I chose for my latest single CD release was because it brought me back to my hometown Toronto. It helps me look back at all my accomplishments up to where I am now in Miami, how I got to where I am now. It makes me feel strong maybe a little hot, sexy and confident. It’s such a great feeling, that’s what I wanted to express in the latest single release.

How have you evolved as an artist over the last year? 

I have evolved quite tremendously during the pandemic. Where recording as an artist has become more creative thinking as per the norm of just going to a professional studio to record and the staff and team manages how things go. I have through months or trials and error created my own studio. It was quite the challenge of not being taken seriously as a female in a male dominating music industry. It still is quite the challenge to get all the right recording equipment and software tools that are compatible. I now work with studio staff personnel, management and team remotely, manage my own projects individually. Being able to make my own record deals directly and accomplishing these new releases successfully. I think it’s a great evolvement not only as an artist but for many other positions like producers, mixers, managers, directors, labels, schools etc. Companies in the music industry and all industries. I find it also gives me time to explore my creative talent content. I’m also continuing my education online and building a lot of relationships in the music industry community.

If you could meet, play a gig, co-write a song, have dinner, have a drink with any band or artist (dead or alive) who would it be and why? 

I have too many so I leave that one to guess and wonder hmm. I’m hinting though that in the album release for next year we got some really great featured songs that I am ecstatic about and looking forward to releasing some great music on the new album for 2021.

What’s next for you?  

I’d like to continue my education, success, brand, family, continue to inspire and heal the world. Whatever may come. I look forward to what is to come. I believe in our future. I believe that music is healing. I like to continue giving love with music for humanity around the world and just continue to make great music.


End of Interview

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