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Is a Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montana Crossover in the Works? Hilary Duff Says…


She continued, “I don’t know, I’ve never thought about a Hannah Montana and Lizzie McGuire crossover, but never say never! Anything goes these days, right?”

With the reboot more or less on pause at the moment, the 32-year-old is mostly focused on making the most of the quarantine with her two kids Banks and Luca. On the Happy Little Camper website, she’s started a blog titled “Mom Tea,” where she shares how her family of four is coping with the pandemic. 

To summarize this week’s blog, Hilary has her hands full with a toddler and 8-year-old. “These days have been longer than ever! Trying to entertain kids, keeping them clean, keeping them fed, sticking to a bedtime, keeping up with your house, cooking, squeezing in some sort of physical exercise for yourself, all while trying to keep your own mental state stable,” she shared, before adding she wouldn’t change it for the world. 

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