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Melissa B. is a beacon of light via new Single

“I’ve been searching / For what I found / I’ve been hunting / For what I found” sings Melissa B. in her new single “Found,” an eroticized hue of R&B swagger haunting her words in the ascending instrumental melody beside her.  Melissa B. is a beacon of light in an otherwise enchantingly dark landscape in this latest release, and though “Found” isn’t the most complex song that she’s recorded since arriving on the scene a couple of years ago, it’s by far her most refined in tone. She’s come a long way in a very short amount of time, and the fruits of her labor are on full display in this toned pop track.

As much as I like the lyrical structure of Melissa B.’s new single, I don’t think that it was conceived with the idea of spotlighting her poeticisms alone. The lack of complexities in the instrumental patchwork makes it really easy for us to appreciate just how much sonic depth she’s got, even when the setting is more minimalist than it is cosmopolitan in nature. Past cuts might have been a little more elaborate than “Found” is, but this is where we can really get to know her skillset without any augmentations in the mix.

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I would have made the bassline just a bit less intense than it is in a few of the more climactic moments in the song, but I suppose that I can understand why Melissa B. decided to go with something different in this instance. In making the bass parts acrylic with texture, we’re afforded a certain level of postmodern contrast that wouldn’t have been present here otherwise and, in any case, it does highlight the flexibility of our leading lady’s vocal attack splendidly. It’s a lot more physical than it needs to be, but not enough to repel casual pop fans in favor of satisfying dance addicts alone.

When it comes to getting us moving to her grooves, Melissa B. pulls out all of the stops to make “Found” a really smooth number to swing with, and I think that it’s actually one of the few indie pop tracks to debut this month that would work as well on the radio as it would in a club environment. This could absolutely be remixed and keep its aural luster (provided the lead vocal was left untouched in the big picture), but even in its current state, this is a really electrifying, multipurpose single.

“Found” has definitely made me intrigued by the notion of hearing more from the Melissa B. camp in the near future, and though she’s still flying under the radar of most audiences at the moment, it’s hard to imagine her remaining at the underground level for much longer with material like this under her belt. She’s got a lot of the right attributes to attract pop, R&B and even lyrical electronica fans to her music, but what’s even better than her crossover dynamic is her authentic persona (which is a rare combo to find in 2019 to put it mildly). The bottom line? This is a solid single from a consistent singer who has a lot of success coming her way.

Troy Johnston

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