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Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten: Are They Dating?

After this week’s new episode of Dancing With The Stars, Hannah Brown continues to dazzle on the dancefloor. If only she were that lucky at love.

But sometimes, the things we most want to find show up when we finally stop looking for them.

Has Hannah found the man of her dreams, not on a televised date, but in her dance partner Alan Bersten?

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten IG 01

Hannah Brown went from hopping around the globe looking for her man to lighting up the dancefloor and looking for victory.

Her dance partner is the young and handsome Alan Bersten, and the two are definitely one of the most talented and graceful teams this season.

Naturally, some fans had to wonder if their chemistry on the dance floor translated to chemistry off camera.

When Hannah held an Instagram Q&A, one of her fans straight-up asked her if she and Bersten are “a thing.”

Hannah could have ignored the question — but instead, she answered.

“Um, yeah, we’re a thing,” Hannah’s reply begins in the video that we have included.

She then delivers her punchline: “Team Alanbama Hannah.”

That’s right, Alanbama. Very cute that she found a way to include his name without mashing it directly with hers.

(Also, trying to mash up Hannah and Alan runs the very strong risk of the word anal appearing)

In other words, if she and Alan are enjoying any windmills together, she’s certainly not ready to reveal it.

Hannah Brown DWTS Night 2

Another clip that Hannah shared to her Instagram involves her, still wtih Alan, discussing how much she enjoys training and improving.

“OK, so we obviously have to look at each other when we dance,” Hannah shares.

It’s part of most dancers, naturally.

“And when I had not been doing a step right and then I finally get it right,” she continues. “I can always tell by his face.”

Hannah exclaims: “and I’m like, ‘Yes!’ That’s my favorite thing!” 

Hannah Brown and Alan bersten IG 02

Alan, in the same video, makes it clear that he’s not giving her super subtle facial cues.

“I smile when she gets it right,” Alan explains while flashing a dazzling smile of his own at Hannah’s phone.

“And,” he raves. “I just love dancing with her.”

Alan expresses that “it’s a lot of fun.”

We’re sure that it is! The two of them move so beautifully across the dance floor and have been doing very well.

DWTS night 3 - Hannah Brown

Bobby Bones spoke to Life & Style about the all-too-familiar speculation that Hannah and Alan have faced.

“They’re not dating,” Bobby says.

“I mean they tried to rumor me with Sharna because we were both single,” he recalls.

“Look, I know Alan,” Bobby notes. “I don’t feel like they’re dating and if you get two single people, you’re just going to assume that they’re together.”

“I don’t think they’re dating, but it’s a very intimate thing,” he says of dancing.

Bobby explains: “You’re so close with that person the whole time, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.”

Unfortunately, even if Hannah and Alan were boning, Hannah might have good reason to keep that knowledge to herself.

She has faced a tremendous amount of slut-shaming from some truly reprehensible “fans” of The Bachelorette.

Sex is a normal, though not universal, part of dating, yet some viewers acted scandalized that Hannah took the whole “dating” thing seriously.

Some of them were just horny for Luke Parker and so they sided with him when he got extra weird, but others seem to just … have a problem with women.

Sadly, whoever Hannah next dates, she’s likely to face further shaming. It’s hugely unfair. But at least she’s a stellar dancer!

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