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Of Limbo Releases “Let’s Go” Single

Of Limbo is steadily carving out a place in the modern rock world as one of the fiercest bands appearing in recent years. If rock is dead, as some say, someone forgot to tell Of Limbo’s three members. Brothers Jake and Luke Davies are Australian by birth, but they create music capable of transcending quaint and arbitrary borders alongside Denver, Colorado-born bassist, and singer Rob Graveley. The band’s new single “Let’s Go” is a song with mass appeal.

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However, there is no doubt the band gears it toward a specific audience. “Let’s Go” is for listeners who are willing to grab life by its nether regions and face down anything in their path. Chronological age has nothing to do with it. If you still feel invigorated by challenging life on its home court each day, you will “get” this tune and it will have you fist-pumping before you know it.

They back it up with considerable instrumental chops as well. Granted, no one will mistake Of Limbo for a progressive rock band, but several key points in the single highlight their skill. The band’s guitarist Luke Davies proves he does not need a rhythm guitarist to achieve a full and potent sound while Graveley’s bass playing shows how adept he is at filling whatever gaps a hypothetical second guitarist may have plugged.

They are canny enough to realize a music video helps enhance their overall presentation. The video for “Let’s Go” relies on humor and energy to connect with its audience and the trio shows, as well, that they have an attention-grabbing screen presence. The premise of the clip is not particularly involved, the band driving wildly through the streets of Los Angeles, presumably, and performing from inside (and occasionally outside) the car. Nothing groundbreaking, but it does not need to be.

It needs to connect – and does so marvelously well. Every side of the band’s presentation connects with a rock audience that is always there and waiting for bands such as this to come along. It is refreshing in these times to discover a rock band that is unapologetic about being a rock band, who doesn’t hesitate to talk about their love for beer, and who runs into the ever-lovin’ arms of four-on-the-floor rock music. Songs cannot save the world. However, they can make the business of living more bearable for us all.

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Let’s hope Of Limbo continues down this road for many years to come. There will undoubtedly be opportunities along the way for the trio to reveal the full extent of their skill and ambition but, right now, this new single and its ilk do quite nicely. Of Limbo is blazing a path into the consciousness of modern rock fans and its music embodies its spirit far better than many of their peers and contemporaries. “Let’s Go” is the latest evidence of that and we can be sure that there will be many more examples to come. Let’s go, guys, we need more of this, post haste.

Troy Johnstone

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