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Most of the time people are too nervous during a job interview and therefore will lose their chance to really prove themselves. You need to show your true potential and your uniqueness. Your scores at best online casino NZ is a first step but not all.

Standard job interview questions: What is the big deal?

Maybe you know it yourself: As a recruiter or employer, you work through a prefabricated interview catalog during the job interview. In principle, this is not a bad idea. You are well prepared and convinced that you, as an HR expert, can recognize the real potential of the candidate.

Therefore, if you are looking for authentic and reliable employees, you should not rest on your laurels – and you should rethink your standard questions. Because applicants answer most 08/15 questions with 08/15 phrases. If, after several job interviews, you are wondering why there still has not been a suitable candidate, it is high time for a change.

Critical Incident Technique: Why are behavioral questions the better choice?

Replace standard questions with behavioral questions. One proven method is called the critical incident technique (CIT). 

The idea behind CIT: It is an observation method, also known as the “critical incident” method. In short, the interview technique captures factors that provide insight into an applicant’s success or failure in a particular situation.

The advantage for employers: you have the chance to develop situational questions that mirror your everyday work. Applicants must be able to answer spontaneously and authentically. Those who fib may be caught out. And those who fib “well” at least show that creative approaches and flexibility are not a problem.

These 12 behavioral questions should be asked by employers in a job interview.

The following questions serve as a guide and can be individually modified in their content. Adapt the behavioral questions to the expectations of the company and to the position to be filled.


Question 1: You are faced with a task that is new to you and which requires you to work with customers. How do you react to mishap XY?

Question 2: You get into a conflict with your new colleagues. What do you do – and why?

Question 3: Tell about a problem solution that you proposed to your last employer as an idea. What could you concretely do and implement?

Question 4: You are given several tasks and have to prioritize. How do you decide what to start with – and why?

Question 5: A deadline is approaching, but you are nowhere near where you would like to be. How do you proceed?

Question 6: You have discovered while working with your team that there is a problem in an ongoing project. What steps do you take now?

Question 7: Tell about a success: what enabled you to exceed the expectations of your last employers?

Question 8: Recall a bad day at work. What made you sad or angry?

Question 9: Recall a good day at work. What were you happy about and why?

Question 10: Think back to a project you were involved in without leading it. How did your work specifically contribute to its success?

Question 11: Imagine if you had more time in your last job. What would you have used that time for?

Question 12: Think back to a challenging phase of your work that required you to come up with new solutions. What unusual ideas did you have – and how did you solve the problems?

How are behavioral issues developed?

If you decide to ask creative and critical behavioral questions, you are already a bit closer to your goal. Because this way, you will avoid being forced to choose the “least of the evils” when applicants respond with standard answers.

Take these questions into consideration next time when you are in front of a job interview. 


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