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How do musicians find their magic and gravity in their careers? How do they thrive in their creativity?

For one woman, she found her passion in music at a young age. As a successful composer who was born in Ukraine and now living in Miami, Elena Iourova has collaborated with many artists from the Latin American community.

Iourova found her passion at the age of 9 when composing music turning into a passion that would later translate to a career. She was required to music homework assigned by her teach, but instead she other plans in mind.

“Rather than do the assignment, which seemed abstract and required me to study music theory and musical notes, I decided to just play the piano instead,” said Iourova about her passion was born. “I wanted to show my parents that I am practicing and learning how to play the piano, although they never really understood what I was playing.”

Her family wouldn’t take an F on her assignment for an answer. Her mother would meet with the teacher about why young Elena received the grade on her assignment.

“The teacher then asked me to play for her what I had played for my parents the other day. Initially, I was shy and hesitant, but then I played her the tunes that I came up with the other day,” said Iourova in the description showcasing her skills to the teacher. “Upon hearing the tunes, the teacher told my mother that I was going to be a composer. From then on, my mother – who wrote poetry – started to take a real interest in my music. She would write the lyrics to the tunes that I composed on weekends and so we soon put together some nice songs.”

Iourova’s talents would take her across the world that would lead her across the world including her first stop in North America in Canada and then to the United States in South Florida.

In her career, Iourova’s music composing career had thrived working with the Iglesias family for over 15 years where her career went to new heights.

“I worked with Julio Iglesias, Sr. for over 15 years and I also worked with his son, Julio Iglesias, Jr., as a producer for 15 years as well,” said Iourova about who she has worked with over the years that unlocked so many opportunities. “I have also worked with Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. Furthermore, I also got to work with Michael Bolton, Pitbull, and many European artists.”

Her work with Latin American artists including American European musicians have allowed to her to push her craft in music composing.

The style of music that she composes are style of powerful and distinct melodies. Iourova has thrived in music with mainly Latin American artist with the like of Julio Iglesias because of her love of the Latin culture.

“I showed my first album to Julio Iglesias while we were touring, and he was captivated by it. He told me that I was very talented and that my instrumentals seemed to combine Spanish passion and French melodicism,” said Iourova about her passion for Spanish music. “I decided to compose an entire album in Spanish with the help of the Peruvian poet Jessica Sarango. When it comes to my career, I owe a great deal to Julio Iglesias. Thanks to him, I became a member of the Grammy Recording Academy.”

Iourova’s work with Julio Iglesias let her to collaborations with French poet Michel Jordan, whom she wrote poem lyrics, which she got into song writing. Her work of music lyrics included the likes of Julio Iglesias, Charles Aznavour, Celine Dion, and other great artists.

She recently came out with an album call “Latin Love” that features other Latin artists such as Michelangelo, Alejandro Irizarry, and Michael Lington. The album shows her passion for both Spanish culture and language while composing for the artists.

“My favorite song in album ‘Latin Love’ is the first song ‘Te Extrano.’ Also, this song recorded by Julio Iglesias Jr. You can listen this in all music platforms like iTunes’, Apple Music, Spotify & many others all over the world.”

For over 20 years in touring around the world, her concerts with Julio Iglesias and Julio Iglesias Jr. were the most memorable where they tour across Europe, including her native country of Russia, and the U.S.

Iourova also had special concerts with other Europeans who were big from her native country from the likes of Valeriy Leontiev, Angelica Varum, Leonid Agutin, and Kristina Orbakaite.

Fortepiano and piano has been the one instrument that she has known her entire life, especially the instrument that has helped her thrive as a music composer.

“Many have told me that my music is soothing and relaxing and that it emits positivity. My music is a part of my soul and through my music, I want to transmit only positive energy and good feelings.”

Her music has embraced upon positive energy aiming to relax individual for a proper melody tone for her listeners.

What’s next for the European composer?

“I want to record another instrumental album real soon. It will have my melodies/tunes which I had been composing for a number of years. Right now, I am putting it all together and I like to experiment, so in addition to instrumental music, I also composed something in the style of reggaeton. I am also thinking of composing something from the heart that speaks directly to my soul, so that people can find joy in my music.”

Iourova’s desire for the next few years are to create a concert program and composing instrumental music that would be used as a form of music therapy.

“Based on the online reviews that I have seen and read about my music, it seems like it helps people with all sorts of illnesses, including some very serious ones. I was also told that my music even helps those with mental illnesses and depression! I truly believe my instrumental music can do wonders for people.”

*Elena Iourova is a member of The Recording Academy

*Her music can be found on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music

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