‘Young Sheldon’ Star Iain Armitage Bids Farewell In A Social Media Post

SPOILER ALERT: Details of the final two episodes are revealed in this article.

Iain Armitage has issued an Instagram post praising a specific character departing the show in the last two episodes.

Armitage, who plays the young Sheldon Cooper in the series, wrote a heartfelt tribute prior to the coming big reveal, which fans of the series and its predecessor, The Big Bang Theory, have long known was coming.

In the post, Armitage saluted his onscreen dad, George Sr., played by Lance Barber. “Love you, George! Love you, Lance!!!” he wrote in his caption.

In Thursday’s second episode, A New Home and a Traditional Texas Torture, Young Sheldon lives the anticipated new that Sheldon’s father died when the central character was 14 years old. Now that Armitage’s character on the CBS prequel is 14, it was time.

The episode sees George suffer a heart attack at work.

Young Sheldon will air its final two episodes on CBS next Thursday, May 16.

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