‘Saturday Night Live’: Dua Lipa Makes An Intense Date In ‘Challengers’-Inspired Sketch

Is that Tashi Donaldson or Dua Lipa?

Saturday Night Live audiences were treated to a nod at Luca Guadagnino’s latest film Challengers during a sketch featuring host Dua Lipa as a somewhat intense woman who had invited a date over to her apartment — aka SNL featured player Marcello Hernández.

Naturally, one of the first things he notices when he walks into the room is the hundreds of Sonny Angel dolls she has lining her walls.

“They’re companions for 25-year-old working women,” she explains. But, she assures, her date won’t need to compete with her 650+ dolls for her affection…just one.

Cue Bowen Yang, dressed as one of said dolls. Oh, and the Challengers soundtrack.

“I haven’t seen the movie,” Hernández admits, to which Yang replies: “Well, don’t worry, cause you’re about to live it.”

Dua Lipa, impressed by their “volleying back and forth” turns up the music and leaves to get a snack while her date keeps up the banter with her Sonny Angel doll.

“Finally, two boys who can actually compete,” she says, returning with a plate of churros for them to chew on. She takes a seat between them and asks them to kiss. Little does her date know, he’s about to become part of her collection.

Watch the sketch above.

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