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How to make a lot of money selling your clothes online, even if you’re a novice

Having worked as a buyer on the high street for more than two decades, when it comes to clothes, I know what sells – and how to sell it.

Now, as the owner of Positive Retail, a resale brand stocking high-end clothes such as Prada, Burberry, Stella McCartney and Gucci, I get to see first-hand what it takes to get the best price for each piece of clothing.

I know what buyers are looking for when they go digging for secondhand treasures – and what can make the difference between a resale or a no sale.

The cost of living crisis is biting us all so if you’re looking at the designer clothes – or good quality high street clothes – in your wardrobe thinking now’s the time to sell them on to someone else, you’re not alone.

The secondhand market is set to nearly double by 2027, reaching $350bn, according to ThredUp, one of the world’s largest online resale platforms. Secondhand September has given us all an annual opportunity to stop and think about what we’re buying and why – and think about adjusting our spending habits to align more with what’s needed.

Here are my top tips to getting the best price for your designer clothes…

‌Sell it as you want to buy it

Our tagline when accepting clothes from a seller is: “Sell it as you want to buy it.” Rule 101 when it comes to selling your designerwear on Vinted or one of the other resale platforms is to never overstate the quality and condition of the garment – this can cause you a lot of bother and ruin your reputation. Customers want honesty and transparency about this more than anything, so be honest and realistic. The better the quality of the item, the better the price tag.

Prep your clothes

Firstly, wash the garment (you’d be surprised how many people don’t do this!), cut off any loose threads, bobble off any knitwear, and take coats to be dry cleaned. Take the time to ensure whatever item you’re selling is clean and looks as presentable as possible – a buyer will appreciate this and you’ll attract much more interest. I expect items in pristine condition, but I do understand we may have to press the odd thing or dry clean something if we get a huge box sent to us but generally we insist that people who sell with us have respected their clothes.

‌Quality, quality, quality…

Style and taste is all down to the individual, quality is not. When I’m sifting through new items to bring into my store or sell online, I first and foremost look at the quality of the garment. Where has it been made? Buyers will be the same. If you’re selling on Vestiaire, the fibre compositions and country of origins are usually listed. But on Vinted, not so much. So if you’re selling a Chloe bag, make sure to include the fabrics in your Vinted listing, as quality buyers will be looking for this information. And also be prepared to share this information if a seller asks for it, which I usually do‌.

Know when to sell

Selling your items when they’re coming into season means there will be lots more demand. If you’re selling items made from wool, cashmere, alpaca and mohair, save these items for the winter season, as more people will be searching for them. Stick to linens and other light fabrics in summer.

‌What price?

If you’re saying goodbye to your adored Burberry trench or your beloved Stella McCartney knitwear, you want to get the best price for it, that’s understandable. But you’ve also got to be realistic – do your research. Look at what the item would cost brand new, and then search on resale apps such as Vinted what similar items have been sold for, or are being sold for. Then, price your item accordingly

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