Dua Lipa Shares “Radical Optimism” In ‘SNL’ Monologue But Can’t Save Kristi Noem

Dua Lipa debuted as a guest host on Saturday Night Live and revealed her “radical optimism.”

The singer took the stage of the NBC late-night talk show on the heels of the release of her third studio album titled, Radical Optimism.

Lipa said that many people have been asking what radical optimism is, saying, “To me, it’s like looking on the bright side in any situation.”

She then asked the audience to share their problems and give examples of how she would take them on.

Andrew Dismukes played an audience member who was left by his wife after he accidentally called her mom.

“Well, on the bright side, now you’ll have more time to spend with your mom,” Dua Lipa said. “See, radical optimism.”

A second audience member, this time played by Bowen Yang, said he had gone to the doctor who advised him to stop drinking.

“Well, on the bright side, there’s always poppers,” Dua Lipa replied. “See, you can put a positive spin on anything.”

Then Dua Lipa turned her attention to a third audience member, played by Heidi Gardner.

“Hi, I’m South Dakota governor Kristi Noem…,” she said before being interrupted by Dua Lipa telling her she couldn’t help.

Noem has united the Republican and Democratic Party in condemning the killing of her dog after an excerpt of her book was shared online. In the wake of the controversy, she has been trying to fix things but it has only made things worse for her that even Dua Lipa couldn’t apply her “radical optimism”.

Dua Lipa also made reference to her dance moves that have become a meme and said, “Go girl, give us nothing.”

“But I didn’t give you nothing,” she said. “I gave you the greatest meme of all time.”

Watch the full SNL monologue in the video above.

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