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The 1717 Angel Number Explained, According To Numerology

Have you been seeing the 1717 angel number everywhere? Maybe when you happen to check the time at the end of the workday? Or when you flick through the pages of a long book? Maybe it’s even the year of a meaningful historical event for you?

Well, it might be more than a mere coincidence: 1717 is a common ‘angel number’ that, in the study of numerology, is said to have a powerful hidden meaning.

We spoke to Betty Andrews, life coach and astrologer at The Cosmic Co, to learn a little more.

What is an angel number?

Angel numbers are an important concept in the practice of numerology. According to some astrologers and numerologists, numbers can have a powerful meaning when we learn how to notice and decode them.

“The universe has its unique way of communicating with us here in the three-dimensional world, and one of its preferred methods is using sequences of numbers,” says Andrews. “Almost every time you see a repeating or significant number sequence, it’s the universe sending you a message. These aren’t just random numbers; they’re coded messages meant to guide you, give you a heads-up, or just remind you that there’s something bigger out there watching over you.”

‘Angel’ numbers are usually repeated number patterns. Other common sequences are 333, 444, 1010 and 1111. Each is thought to send its own unique message to the person who happens to see it and notice it.

“It’s a nudge or a sign that you’re being looked after and guided along your path,” she says. “Think of it as receiving a text from a friend who lives in another dimension. They can’t just call or send an email; they’ve got to use a language both of you can understand.”

While it may all sound a little out there, according to Andrews, there is some logic to it all.

“Numbers are often described as the universal language, a way for the cosmos to communicate across the vastness of space and time,” she says. “They’re fundamental to understanding the laws that govern our reality, from the smallest particles to the largest galaxies. In this sense, numbers bridge the gap between the tangible and the mystical, offering a form of communication that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers, connecting us to the deeper workings of the universe and our spirit guides.”

1717 angel number meaning

Spotting the number 1717 in your day-to-day life may be a hidden sign – and decoding it isn’t exactly simple. However, it is usually a positive sign.

“The 1717 angel number is a double dose of messages,” she says. “The number 1 is all about starting fresh and pushing yourself to try new things, while the number 7 is the wise old sage of numbers, all about spiritual growth and getting to know the real you.”

She adds, “Put them together, and 1717 is a cosmic thumbs up for personal and spiritual growth, basically telling you, ‘Hey, you’re doing great, keep going!’”

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