Horror Diva, Dawna Lee Heising Slays Comedy In Tom Lopilato’s ”WordLotto”

Tom Lopilato’s comedy pilot “WordLotto” is an Official Selection of the prestigious 2024 Golden State Film Festival, and will be screened on Monday, September 26 at 9:30 PM PST in Block DDD in Theatre 4. The screening will be held at the TLC Chinese 6 Theatres at 6925 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028. Thank you to the Golden State Film Festival founders Jon Gursha and Peter Green for Officially Selecting “WordLotto.” Tickets are available on the Golden State Film Festival website at:

WordLotto is a comedy television pilot that is written and produced by Tom Lopilato, filmed and edited by Mark Andrews, and directed by Johnny Baca. Leila Sharafi is the Casting Director and Unit Production Manager. Raymond Dussault and Ashley LaRae are assistant directors, Caroline Alley was the script supervisor, and sound was done by Joseph Rivas and Eric Sarich. WordLotto features Spencer Vaughn Kelly, Dawna Lee Heising, Gui Kaleski, Madison Spear, Allison Price, Nicholas Garabedian, Hattie Lynne Hurtes, Manik Bahl, Mike Thompson, Laura Richardson, Stacy Marie Turner, Seth Brubaker, Tia Kai, Roy Allen, Charlie Call, Tiana Bes, Kaitlyn Furey, Aaron Oberst, Caroline Alley, Travis Harmon, Holly Seidcheck, Phillip-Charlie Daniell, Sofia JoAnna, Steven Montalvo, Christopher Anderson, Junior King, and Patrick Phan.

WordLotto has 124 Film Festival Awards so far, including the Wild Filmmaker Award for Tom Lopilato at the Tribeca Film Festival, Best Comedy Film at the European Cinematography Awards, Best Screenplay at the Atlanta International Screenplay Awards, Best Supporting Actor and Actress at the Crown Point International Film Festival, Best Director and Best Producer at the TopShot International Film Festival, Best Actress at the Santa Monica International Filmmaker Awards, Best Actor at the Los Angeles Film Awards, and five Best Ensemble Acting Awards. For more information on WordLotto, please visit:

The WordLotto Story:
“As ‘alternative facts’ began to overrun every corner of free speech, Western Civilization found itself divided like never before. Shouting replaced listening. Each side was utterly convinced of its rightness. Spoken words gushed forth, regardless of law or propriety. Citizens saw a verbal Civil War on the horizon and demanded something be done. Welcome to the world of the WordMeter, where every utterance is not only counted but also granted at the discretion of the higher powers. Everyone agrees this is a generous system because allotments of words can be replenished simply by scratching a winning ticket in the WordLotto. In a world where words are limited, WordLotto Representative Tom Brennan grudgingly handles appeals from citizens who claim that their WordMeters are malfunctioning. After a string of bizarre clients, the Word Representative’s life spins out of control.”

The Golden State Film Festival
The Golden State Film Festival is administered and operated by Jon Gursha and Peter Greene. Mr. Gursha and Mr. Greene are both highly respected film industry professionals, with extensive experience discovering and helping emerging filmmaking talent achieve success at the professional level. Mr. Gursha serves as the Festival Director, while Mr. Greene is the Festival Program Director. The 2024 Golden State Film Festival is being held from February 22-29.

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