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Princess Diana Made This Virgin Atlantic Sweatshirt Famous – And It’s Still Available To Buy

What’s your Roman Empire? Mine’s Princess Diana. More specifically, Princess Diana in her activewear – aka, her famous oversized Virgin Atlantic sweatshirt and a pair of cycling shorts.

Despite the fact that it’s been 27 years since she passed, everything she stood for still lives on – including her fashion influence. In fact, I don’t think there’s a week that goes by where I don’t think ‘what would Diana wear?’ if I’m stuck for an outfit idea. Sad? Maybe. But for the sartorially-minded like me, she is an icon.

Aside from the famous revenge dress that she donned just hours after the televised admission of adultery by her husband Charles (then Prince of Wales), plus maybe the ‘black sheep’ knitwear and oversized blazer outfits, Diana is arguably most renowned for her athleisure looks. Think: workout gear paired with baseball caps and chunky white socks.

Her most sought-after and often-imitated sporty ensemble, though? The one that featured the Flying Lady logo-adorned jumper. And good news – you can still buy it today.

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Queen Of The Skies Navy Sweatshirt

The Flying Lady (or Varga Girl) is a symbolic part of the British airline’s history, and, as part of a recently launched collection – alongside a ‘Billie Holiday’ T-shirt and ‘Rain Bow’ pull-over among other accessories – she has been re-imagined as the ‘Queen of the Skies’ atop a navy blue jumper.

While the one owned by the Princess of Wales herself would set you back $53,532 (the price it went for at auction back in 2019), the recently relisted cotton-rich Virgin Atlantic sweatshirt will only cost you £70.

The unisex silhouette is available in sizes small to extra large, and is shaped to a modern and boxy fit – ideal for long-haul flights and road trips… or getting papped while leaving the gym. Like Princess Diana, I’m never one to shy away from a trend, so I’ll be wearing mine just as she did; oversized and with dad trainers, sunglasses, and an unexpected designer bag in tow.

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