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EXCLUSIVE: A New Clip From ‘Masters of the Air’ Shows the Camaraderie of Our Favorite Men

Buck and Bucky standing next to each other with their suits on

The new Apple TV+ series Masters of Air gives us a look into fighter pilots during World War II and the love they all had for each other in the midst of high-stakes situations. The Mary Sue is proud to debut an exclusive clip for episode 4 of the series!

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In a new clip of the fourth episode, we get to watch as the boys all wait for the team to return to base after their 25th mission, a celebration waiting to happen as they’d be the first team to make it to 25 successful missions overall. What really makes this clip work, though, is the pure love that each of these characters have for each other.

Here we see Buck (Austin Butler) and Bucky (Callum Turner) drive up to all of their friends waiting, sitting together as the plane roars overhead. To see the joy that takes over their faces is such an emotional experience, especially given the death of Lt. Curtis Biddick (Barry Keoghan) in the previous episode.

One of the things about Masters of the Air that I have loved from the start is the desire to just cheer for these boys that exists within each episode. As we’re listening to Major Crosby (Anthony Boyle) narrate his life with them all, you can hear how much he loved his team. We see it in the way that Buck and Bucky always are looking out for one another, and so much of this show is dependent on us caring about the men we’re seeing fight.

What this clip for episode 4 shows is that their friendship and happiness helps them keep going and keep fighting even when things get dark and they may lose another one of their friends. It’s why we keep tuning in each week to see what awaits them and how they’re going to fight to end the war.

The next episode of Masters of the Air airs on Apple TV+ on February 9th and episode four’s logline is as follows: “Lt. Rosenthal joins the 100th just as one of its crews reaches a milestone. The U-boat pens at Bremen become a target for the second time.” We’re in for quite another ride with the team at the 100th and we cannot wait to see what Masters of the Air has for us next.

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