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Some People Are Only Just Now Discovering That Alexander the Great Was Probably Gay

Alexander: The Making of a God, gay kiss scene

Netflix’s new docuseries on one of the most famous historical figures of all time, Alexander the Great, has certain people in a tizzy for daring to mention that he was, in fact, gay. Quelle suprise! Homophobic individuals don’t like the idea that maybe, just maybe, homosexuality has been around for rather a long time.

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Alexander: The Making of a God is one of Netflix’s latest docudramas that takes a deep dive into the past and looks at the life of one of the greatest leaders of Ancient Greece, Alexander the Great, also known as Alexander III of Macedon. Though his reign was short, ruling from 336 to 323 BC, he founded what would go on to be one of the greatest empires in history, the Macedonian Empire. The documentary sees commentary from experts on Alexander but is also interwoven with actors playing out scenes from his life.

In the first episode, they jump straight into his sexuality, which has been a much-discussed and debated topic amongst historians who have studied the ruler. Many believe there is clear evidence that Alexander was gay, with ancient scrolls depicting a passionate love affair he had with a man called Hephaestion, a close companion of his. In the show, Dr. Salima Ikram of The American University in Cairo stated that she believes Hephaestion was the King’s “greatest love.”

There has also been discussion that Alexander may have been bisexual, rather than simply gay and that he had relationships with both men and women. He was rumored to have had many children with multiple mistresses during his life. It is difficult to say for sure what the truth was given how long ago Alexander lived, but many historians will concede the point that he had sexual relationships with men.

This was apparently new information to some though, including the subtly-named X account “End Wokeness,” whose complaining that Netflix “turned [Alexander] gay” caused the show to trend on the platform.

This blatant rage-bait post was met with a fair amount of derision from many who pointed out that Alexander’s much more fluid sexuality has been well-noted for a long time.

Others stepped in to state that they were pretty sure this wasn’t Netflix’s doing.

This user believes that before you complain about Alexander’s sexuality and its portrayal in the show maybe you should do some actual research.

Others brought up the fact that queer people are by no means a modern invention. Homosexuality has been around for all of human civilization, it even exists outside of our species so claiming it’s “not natural” is ridiculous.

This user pointed out that if you aren’t happy with Alexander the Great being portrayed as gay, then you really shouldn’t delve into Ancient Greek history, it may be too much for your fragile sensibilities.

Posts like the original one only prove how ignorant people can be when it comes to LGBTQ+ existence throughout the history of humanity. They would not have used the same terms as we use today, but they existed and were kings, queens, warriors, scholars, and regular everyday people who have shaped our very existence.

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