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11 Best Eyelash Growth Serums 2024, Reviewed by Editors

To help you pick the eyelash conditioning serum that suits your needs and preferences best, we’ve put together a guide to the very best lash serums on the market to fit every budget. From cruelty-free, dermatologist-approved formulas to the best eyelash growth serums for sensitive eyes and hydrating eyelash serums that thicken, we’ve whittled down the very best of the bunch. We’ve also spoken to experts to answer all you burning FAQs – so settle down and enjoy.

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Meet the experts:

  • Claire Larsen, global master educator at RevitaLash Cosmetics
  • Nima Pourian, founder of Uklash

How do eyelash serums work?

“Eyelash serums help to grow your natural lashes, making them longer and thicker after
continued usage – it is a commitment, but worth it for beautiful, natural lashes,” explains Nima Pourian, founder of Uklash. “Eyelash serums absorb into the lash and brow follicles to help stimulate growth, reducing fall out and enhancing the thickness of hair by strengthening roots.”

According to Claire Larsen, global master educator at RevitaLash Cosmetics, eyelash serums are similar to a hair conditioner. “They hydrate the hair with conditioning ingredients for
shine and flexibility, to prevent brittleness and breakage they strengthen the hair with
ingredients rich in vitamins and strengthening peptides,” she shares. “They protect the health of the hair with free-radical fighting antioxidants and they enhance the overall beauty of the lashes for a healthier-looking lash.”

“A comprehensive formula will contain a blend of ingredients like conditioners, vitamins,
antioxidants and peptides to have a multi-faceted approach to beautifying the lashes and
keeping them strong and healthier-looking,” Clair explains.

How long does it take to notice the results?

According to Claire, results usually differ depending on the individual, however, the growth is often noticeable after six weeks of regular, daily use. “We conducted an
independent consumer study with 63 participants. After 6 weeks of daily directed use, 98%
reported improved lash appearance, 98% reported healthier-looking lashes and 98%
reported stronger lashes.”

Meanwhile, Nima shared that the growth also depends on the stage of “your lash growth cycle.” “Our eyelashes and brows go through a cycle of around three months (12 weeks). This
includes a growth phase (Anagen), a transition phase (Catagen) and a resting phase
(Telogen),” Nima elaborates. “This is why Eyelash & Eyebrow serums are advised to be used once per day for 8-12 weeks to achieve best results – the same amount of time as a full growth cycle.”

Will my lashes go back to their original state once I stop using an eyelash growth serum?

Both Nima and Claire share that if you were to stop using the serum/eyelash conditioner entirely, your lashes will likely return to their natural form. “If you discontinue using the product your lashes will continue to go through their natural growth and shedding phases and so the new lashes that come back in will be untreated and will appear the way they originally did,” Claire explains.

Do eyelash serums have any side effects?

“Aside from the positive benefits, some users can experience redness or irritation,
particularly if they are excessively using,” says Larsen.

Similar to many other beauty products with active ingredients, it’s always better to tread carefully and do a patch test to observe how your skin reacts to your chosen eyelash serum. “It is very rare that someone would have a reaction, but the eyes can be sensitive so always best to check first,” says Pourian. “It is also important to follow instructions correctly and not to overuse the serum.”

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Here’s our edit of the best eyelash serums to nourish and strengthen your lashes properly…

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