Deadpool Co-Creator Rob Liefeld Is Retiring From Marvel Character After 33 Years

Rob Liefeld, co-creator of Marvel‘s Deadpool, is retiring from the character after more than three decades.

“After 33 years of not only introducing Deadpool but chronicling many of his most popular adventures, it’s time for the Deadpool Daddy to say farewell,” Liefeld shared on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. “One of the fun parts about getting older is you can retire from things, so here I am.”

Liefeld teased that he “worked up one last crazy Deadpool yarn for the fine folks at Marvel” that would be released in the summer.

“I’ll finish this one last Deadpool story — and trust me, it’s a wild one — and call it a collaboration for the ages. It’ll be fun!” he added.

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The comic book creator also shares details as to why he decided to leave the character behind after all these years.

“I’ll be 57 at the end of this and my eyes are still functioning, the work continues to be strong, I want to go out with the best effort I can muster,” he explained. “The hand-eye coordination won’t be there forever. I’ll elaborate more on this on my next Robservations podcast and look forward to taking this journey with you, the world’s greatest fans, who have always provided the best support a cartoonist could ever imagine. And that, is saying something!”

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