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Dyson Airstrait Review: Our Honest Verdict

When clamped on hair – in the same way you’d clamp straighteners – a precisely angled high-pressure blade of air is forced downwards and into the hair, to dry and straighten strands in one go. It achieves a softly-straight style (like what you’d get with a blow dryer and a brush, vs. the poker straight strands you’d get from regular straighteners).

The tool has both ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ styling modes, each with pre-set airflow temperatures and a ‘cool’ mode to set your style. In ‘wet’ mode you can choose 80°C, 110°C or 140°C, and in ‘dry’ mode you can choose 120°C or 140°C. Plus, the intelligent heat control uses glass bead thermistors to measure the temperature of airflow 30 times per second in order to maintain the optimal heat. Woah.

There’s also two speed settings – high flow and low flow – along with a cold shot and root drying mode.

The tool has been tested on all hair types to ensure it works on semi-straight to coily textures – and to ensure you can get into the roots, the tool can be clamped together to create a blow dryer on the side so you can rough dry right at the roots.

The GLAMOUR road test

The first thing I noticed when I turned the tool on was the ‘whoosh’ noise it makes. Before you get styling, the tool blasts out air to clean the arms and remove any product build-up. Next, you can choose which mode – wet or dry – you need. Because wet hair is easier to reset into a straight style, the temperature for this mode is lower. If you want to dry style day-two hair, the air heat is amped up slightly in order to give straight strands.

I normally prefer messy waves or a voluminous blow dry, but I was impressed with how silky-straight the first section of my damp hair looked with just one pass, although I needed a couple of passes to get it as sleek as I’d like. For me, it doesn’t give the same root lift as a blow dry, so if you like a lot of volume this may not be for you. However, the mini blow dryer on the edge of the arms means you can zhuzh roots more than other wet-to-dry straighteners I’ve seen – and is great for getting right to the roots of curly or coily hair.

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