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People are body-shaming Christina Aguilera at the Grammys 2024 – yep, seriously

Christina Aguilera took a night off from her much-hyped Las Vegas residency to present the award for ‘Best Musica Ubana Album’ at the 2024 Grammys. But rather than focusing on her icy-blue gown by Standing Ground, some internet users made unwarranted comments about her body.

It’s hard to believe that so much internet discourse can be triggered by how much famous people appear to weigh. And we’re not just talking about fat-shaming comments – in this instance, it appears that people are praising Christina for her weight loss, accompanied by speculation about how she lost it. In most cases, when people make judgments about celebrities and their bodies, their assumptions are utterly unfounded. PSA: This is none of our business!

One person tweeted, “When did Christina Aguilera drop all that weight?!,” while another wrote, “She doesn’t look like Christina Aguilera anymore,” and another added, “Christina Aguilera might be the Olympic body that sells me.”

Just last year, Adele‘s weight loss caused umpteen comments on the internet that threatened to overshadow her performance (and the fact she won seven Grammy awards). And you might think we’ve learned from that. You would be wrong.

For several weeks now, the media has been reporting on Christina Aguilera’s weight loss. Headlines focus on her “new” body and speculate about how many kilos she has lost. What does her gym routine look like? What does she eat? No one knows, but everyone has an opinion or guess.

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Christina is already the proud winner of five Grammys. For some, however, these pale in comparison to her biggest achievement: losing a bit of goddamn weight.

Under a recent Instagram post of her look, people are discussing whether she has used drugs like Ozempic to achieve her weight loss. S

We must continue to stand up together for the fact that it is not okay (never, under any circumstances and without exception) to comment on weight and make assumptions about a body that we are not in. Period.

This feature was first published on Glamour Germany.

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