Lamorne Morris Says He’d Love A Sequel To A Comedy Movie That Quietly Made Over $100 Million

These days, it’s not easy for a comedy movie with a theatrical release to make a dent at the box office, but it’s certainly not impossible. 2023’s highest-grossing movie of the year, Barbie, was technically a comedy, but it did have the name of the most famous doll as its title. Other movies, like No Hard Feelings and Anyone But You, made a decent bag of cash as well! New Girl’s Lamorne Morris recently shared his thoughts on a sequel to one of his own movies he’d like to see, and it’s one of those rare comedies that did pretty well for itself in theaters. 

Lamorne Morris recently shared his thoughts on 2018’s Game Night getting a sequel after the movie also starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams quietly made over $100 million at the box office. In his words: 

You know, I ran into one of the directors not too long ago and I believe he said ‘no.’ Because I asked and I believe it was straight-up ‘no.’ For me, I would love to. I think that was a very underrated comedy, people really love it – people who watch it, love it.

Game Night was helmed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, who recently made a little film called Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. While speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Morris shared that one of the directors was really not into the idea of making another Game Night movie, but he would be all in on the idea. 

Game Night cast

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

The 2018 movie hit theaters in February 2018, where it finished at No. 2 in its opening weekend to the reigning Black Panther, which was in its second weekend at the box office. In Game Night’s own second weekend, it only dropped by 38.8%, which is well-above average and ended up making a reported $117.8 million worldwide against a $37 million budget, per Box Office Mojo. Since movies tend to need to make three times their budget in order to make a profit, the R-rated comedy was a success for Warner Bros. 

Additionally, the movie pleased critics and audiences alike as well! CinemaBlend’s own Game Night review gave the movie a 3.5 out of 5 stars. Morris also said this about making another Game Night movie: 

For me, the ending of that film allowed for a sequel. And you know, the cast, we’re all still acting. Somebody call Jason Bateman and tell him to make it happen, or Rachel McAdams, they can make this happen.

When Game Night came out back in 2018, the movie’s screenwriter, Mark Perez, sounded interested in a sequel, but a lot can happen in six years. Lamorne Morris might be interested, but is there a good enough story that could make a sequel worth it? During the recent interview, Morris was also asked about a New Girl revival, which led him to take some playful shots at co-star Jake Johnson, saying the show probably wouldn’t be “able to afford him” these days.  

Lamorne Morris’ latest project is Fargo Season 5. You can now watch the actor in all ten episodes of the season by streaming them with a Hulu subscription

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