Fall star Jasper Cole and Charlene Tilton (Dallas), stars in new holiday horror film FINAL RECOVERY

Veteran Character Actor Jasper Cole, who co-starred in the hit film FALL last summer and who has over 120 Tv/Film credits, best known for his unique supporting roles over the past 4 decades LANDS his first LEAD as “Rodney Garrett” opposite TV Icon and DALLAS star Charlene Tilton in new Christmas Horror film FINAL RECOVERY directed by award winning filmmaker Harley Wallen (Beneath Us All), premiering in the fall of 2024. The film co-stars Richard Tyson (Black Hawk Down), Kaiti Wallen (Ash And Bone) and Tilton’s real-life daughter, Actress/Singer, Cherish Lee. It’s the first time Mother and daughter have worked together on screen.

Tilton and Cole are both embarking on next chapters of their long careers. This is Charlene’s first starring role in the horror genre and based on early buzz it won’t be her last. She is now a Bona Vide Character Actress and gleefully embraces these great new roles.

She and Cole have been colleagues and friends over twenty years and have hoped to work together. FINAL RECOVERY began as an indie drama called MOUNTAIN BOYS written for Jasper almost 16 years ago by fellow Georgia native, Jerry Lee Davis.

It took all many years for all the pieces of the puzzle to fall into place. After two-time Emmy® nominated producer and Georgia native Nick Theurer (Slap Face, The Bell Keeper, The Way Out) came aboard the project and helped turn the drama into a heart pounding horror film, prolific Producer Howard Gibson came on aboard at the Executive Producer. Howard is the co-creator of the hit 6 season AMC drama DOUBLE CROSS and the upcoming BET Plus horror film THE DESPAIRED premiering June 2024.

Cole produces FINAL RECOVERY with Gibson, Nick Theurer , Harley and Kaiti Wallen, Cecilia Choi and Michael Snell. Cole also stars and produces the Tubi series KOMBUCHA CURE written by Choi and Snell. Season one now on Tubi.

Wallen had met Cole through their mutual manager Joe Williamson when he was a guest on Jaspers Podcast ONE ON ONE WITH JASPER COLE almost 5 years ago and they vowed to worked together one day.

Cole is the perfect example of perseverance and determination and saying yes to all opportunities Tilton is all about changing the industry’s perception of an actor, as the former Ingenue proves that finding the right team makes all the difference and they all have future projects in the works together including a sequel to FINAL RECOVERY.



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