‘Longlegs’ Teaser Trailer – New Horror Movie from Osgood Perkins Dives into the Nine Circles of Hell

Charles Band’s company Full Moon just keeps on trucking here in 2024, with the company announcing another brand new venture this week. It’s titled Full Moon’s Pulp Noir, a new label of movies that are said to be “darker” and “edgier” than recent Full Moon output.

Band detailed the upcoming slate in a video posted to YouTube this week, previewing “ten fantastic films that go just a bit farther over the line into the phantasmagorical abyss.”

He teases, “This year, Full Moon will be producing 10 feature films, shot in Italy and America, and we’re offering several exciting opportunities for you to be directly involved.”

“I’ve been thinking recently about how to create a new brand of movies. Movies that are still obviously deep in the sci-fi, fantasy, mainly horror sub-genre, and do it differently than what we’ve been doing with Full Moon. So I thought it was time to make a series of features that would be darker, edgier,” Band says in the announcement video.

He continues, “So I wanted to come up with a sub-label that would feature movies like that again. A harder, edgier slate of films. The title Pulp Noir kind of sums it all up. Then it was time to go through all the hundreds of ideas that I’ve worked on for years that haven’t been made and select ten that would represent this new sort of sub-genre of filmmaking.”

The first films from Full Moon’s Pulp Noir include…

  • Quadrant
  • Death Streamer
  • Subscriber
  • Subhuman
  • Bad CGI Werewolves!
  • Zombie Hotel
  • Surprise Party
  • The Lost Girl’s Private Diary
  • Svengali 2024
  • Hourglass

All ten of these movies are allegedly going to be filmed throughout 2024, with a Patreon initiative allowing fans to get directly involved. Learn more by watching the video below.

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