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Diane Lane’s Daughter: Get to Know Her Only Child Eleanor Lambert

Diane Lane and Eleanor Lamber

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Diane Lane, 59, is a celebrated leading actress with a number of high-profile roles under her belt. The New York native began her career began acting professionally in live theater at the tender age of 6, and by adulthood, she was a legitimate star. Diane has starred in Man of Steel, Jumper, Secretariat, Serenity, and many more major studio film roles. In 2003, she reached a career pinnacle with an Oscar nomination for her intense performance in Unfaithful opposite Richard Gere. She provided voice work for Inside Out and has had a prolific career in TV. Diane currently appears as Nancy “Slim” Keith in the star-studded cast of Feud: Capote vs. The Swans

Privately, Diane has been married twice, and during her first marriage, she welcomed her only child — daughter Eleanor Lambert. Below, find out everything to know about Diane’s adult daughter and their relationship.

Diane Welcomed Eleanor With Ex-Husband Christopher Lambert

Diane met her first husband, French actor Christopher Lambert, in Paris in the mid 1980s. They dated on and off, with the romance culminating in marriage in October of 1988. They welcomed their only daughter, Eleanor, now 30 years old, in September of 1993 in Los Angeles. By 1994, the relationship had run its course, with Diane and Christopher divorcing.

Though Diane and Christopher are no longer married, Eleanor has never gone without a set of supportive parents. “My father and mother have always, always been incredibly accepting and supportive of me, and helped me flourish into who I am today through their consistent love and encouragement to be exactly who I am,” Eleanor told TWELV in 2014. She added, “I truly believe I am the luckiest person alive to have these people in my life as role-models and parents.”

Eleanor is a Writer

Eleanor Lambert
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The L.A. native studied journalism at New York University from 2011-2016, per PEOPLE. And when it was all said and done, she put what she learned to good work. Eleanor has been published as a freelance writer in high profile outlets including Teen Vogue and Vice.

“I do hope to be both a model and a music journalist,” she told TWELV. “Also, I think it would be awesome to take my own pictures to go along with my writing – I love shooting film photography, and I think the two go hand in hand!”

She’s Followed in Her Mom’s Footsteps

In addition to her work in journalism, Eleanor has worked in modeling and acting — just like her famous mom! The brunette beauty, who is a mirror image of Diane, signed with Wilhelmina as a model during her college years. “I hope to be on the cover of Vogue AND the cover of Rolling Stone, one as the world’s best model, the other as the world’s best music journalist!” she once enthused of her future plans.

Eleanor has also worked as an actress, appearing in FBI: Most Wanted, Dead Ringers, Paris Can Wait, and a number of short film projects.

That said, Eleanor has pointed out that her mother never “pushed” her. “My mother never pushed me into the limelight in any way, at any point, and waited until I was of an age where I could make my own, informed decisions about how involved I wanted to be in their world – I was probably about 15 when I began really attending events with my mom or my stepdad or even my father, who is usually in France,” she told TWELV, noting her former stepfather Josh Brolin. Diane and Josh divorced in 2013. 

“I am so grateful that I was able to make my own choices and decide on my own how I wanted to present myself in that regard, because I believe it has allowed me to be spared a great deal of drama, from a lack of privacy to the potential of getting mixed up with the wrong people, you know,” Eleanor said.

She added that, “it was so important to my mom that I be the one in charge of that choice and not her, and I’m so happy she did that!”

Eleanor Values Kindness

During her 2014 interview with TWELV, Eleanor opened up about a value that’s important to her. “Be NICE! One of the best quotes I’ve heard says everyone is going through their own personal battle that you know nothing about, so always be kind to others – and it’s true!” she told the outlet. “Being nice is immeasurably important.

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