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Our Favorite Teachers Are Back!

The main cast of Abbott Elementary. Image: ABC.

Abbott Elementary has always been a sweet spot in our week when it is airing. And now, with a new trailer for season 3, we’re back with our favorite elementary school teachers! Don’t worry, they’re still their same chaotic selves.

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The show from Quinta Brunson that filled the mockumentary hole in our hearts is returning for its third season on ABC! And now, we get to see exactly what they’ve all been up to since we’ve last seen them, including a great joke about Gregory’s (Tyler James Williams) arms. “Here’s a rule: Put your arms away, Jeremy Allen Black,” principal Ava Coleman (Janelle James) says. That really sets a tone for the new reign of Ava. Meaning she actually seems to be acting like a principal!

The trailer gives us a fun look into season 3 and what to expect from our favorite teachers:

New dynamics, a principal who cares, and teachers who are still trying their best, there seems to be a lot going on at Abbott Elementary. As Janine Teagues (Brunson) says, there seems to be a lot we missed. But let’s talk a bit about what this trailer clues us into.

What’s to come on Abbott Elementary

First of all, the big news is that Ava went to Harvard. For a summer program, that is, but still. Harvard. Knowing Ava though, that could mean she went to a thing near Harvard or that she just went to a place called Harvard that’s not the actual school. But who knows, this could be the change that Abbott Elementary wished to see in Ava’s world.

Second, there is something still going on with Gregory and Janine. While the trailer didn’t give us much to unpack with our other favorite elementary school teachers, it did give us a tease about our favorite couple.

As always, Jacob (Chris Perfetti), Melissa (Lisa Ann Walter), and Barbara (Sheryl Lee Ralph) are all still in cahoots with each other to try and make their lives easier at school but the real question is still all about whether or not Janine and Gregory will figure their stuff out.

Both have said they’re “fine” in the trailer but as Mr. Johnson (William Stanford Davis) points out, it is “interesting” how they both keep saying that. Whatever may come for our favorite teachers, what makes me so happy about this trailer is that they are still up to the same kind of chaos at school.

Abbott Elementary continues to be a comfort to so many of us, highlighting how hard these teachers work and showing us exactly why we should give more love and attention to them. Don’t worry though, the wait for season 3 is almost over.

School is back in session on February 7. That’s plenty of time to do a rewatch of the first two seasons to get ready for class.

(featured image: ABC)

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