Hilary Duff Shares Message Of Gratitude For Late ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Producer Stan Rogow

Following the death of Stan Rogow this week, Hilary Duff shared a message of gratitude for the producer “who fought for her” to play the lead in the series Lizzie McGuire. Rogow passed away on December 7 at the age of 75.

“Writing this right now is bringing back so many distant memories of what feels like a completely different lifetime…One where I had absolutely no clue where I was heading or how I was getting there, but where I had that eagerness and blind optimism that accompanies youth and your first opportunities to step up,” she posted to Instagram on Saturday.

She continued, “You heavily cherish the people who first believe and see something in you, and for me, there was a special a very special person who fought for me to land a role that would change the entire course of my life…and I’m so sad to hear of his passing today. Stan—thank you for thinking I had “that special thing.” Thank you for all of the Lizzie adventures. Thank you for helping create a reality I could never have dreamed of. Thinking of your family and your son Jackson at this time.”

In addition to executive producing Lizzie McGuire (TV series and film), Rogow produced the 1982 musical series Fame for NBC. Both projects earned Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Children’s Program for Lizzie McGuire and Outstanding Drama Series for Fame.

Other credits include Shannon’s Deal (1990), Middle Ages (1992) and Woke Up Dead (2009).

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