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‘Marry My Husband’ KDrama Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot, and More

Marry My Husband Main Characters. Antagonists Park Minhwan and Jeong Sumin on the left, and protagonists Yu Ji Hyuk and Kang Jiwon on the right.

Marry My Husband is finally getting the Netflix KDrama it deserves. Based on the Line Webtoon of the same name by Seong So Jak, the story follows Kang Jiwon, who was given twelve months to live at best.

Her husband, Park Minhwan, stopped visiting her after she was admitted to the hospital for cancer. Taking matters into her own hands, she goes home to her husband to collect money from him to pay for her treatment. You don’t really expect much from the husband at this point of the story, but you’ll find those expectations hammered down below the ground.

Minhwan is sleeping with Jiwon’s best friend, Jeong Sumin. Jiwon, in shock, confronts the two and is subsequently murdered by both of them because they had “their lives ahead of them.”

But poor Jiwon is given a second shot at life, and she is brought back ten years into the past, before she marries Minhwan. Her ultimate solution to avoid an unhappy fate and a gruesome death is to make her conniving best friend marry her ungrateful husband. The feelings of angst and satisfaction are going to run high in this drama, and people have high expectations for the star-studded cast.

Park Min Young, known for her roles in City Hunter and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? is taking the lead role of Jiwon. Fight for My Way actress Song Ha Yoon will play the role of antagonist Jeong Sumin. Veteran actor Na In Woo will also join the cast as Yu Ji Hyuk, and actor Lee Yi Kyung will play the role of Sumin’s conspirator, Park Minhwang.

Webtoon fans and KDrama fans looking for an angsty drama can expect Netflix to drop Marry My Husband in 2024. The drama will air on TVN in South Korea starting on January 1, 2024, though when we’ll get to see it on Netflix is still unknown.

(featured image: Seong So Jak)

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