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13 Natural Makeup Tips To Nail A No-Makeup Makeup Day

Concealers to try:

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away

e.l.f. Cosmetics Hydrating Camo Concealer

4. Try a lash hack or go for under-eye false lashes

Having a low-key lash using mascara is quite difficult, and although they’re imperative to open up your eyes and make your face look more balanced and awake, it takes away from the natural look. However, there are nice mascaras out there that don’t require heavy layering to give you that definition. Alternatively, opt for razor-thin false lashes that sit under your eye – as these go almost undetectable and can look even more natural than mascaras.

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Major tip alert from Hannah: “If you want big, dense lashes but don’t want to sacrifice definition, be sure to keep a spoolie brush with you when applying your mascara. As you layer your mascara, comb your lashes through with the clean spoolie to unclump your lashes and separate them to keep them looking defined.” She then adds: “If there are just one or two lashes clumped together, then use the tip of the spoolie to separate. I also like to use the clean spoolie to pull the lashes in the inner corner of my eye towards my nose for a more fanned effect but with less risk of getting mascara on my nose. The same can be said for fanning out lashes in the outer corner.” Noted.

Mascaras and false lashes to try:

Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara

KISS Falscara Eyelash Wisp Multi

5. Lightly define brows

Brows are the key of face framing, balance and structure. They were once underrated, but brow products are now many women’s desert island beauty product of choice. Opting for a harsh, uber-dark heavy brow defies the ‘rules’ of natural makeup, however you can still gently groom your brows for maximum definition without them looking ‘done-done’.

Opt for a clear gel to slick them upwards and outwards, so they look neat, or simply use a three-edge microfilling pen to fill in any gaps which make them appear fuller yet still natural. If you’ve gone a bit to heavy handed on the brow pen, you don’t have to double down — just go over it with a wet cotton bud to remove excess product.

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