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10 Best Cologne Gift Sets For Any Occasion In 2023

There’s no doubt about it—one of the best presents you can give a style-conscious gent is the gift of scent.

A sweet-smelling or long-lasting cologne not only makes a fella more attractive, but it can also bring your overall look to life, kicking and screaming (in a good way, of course).

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or a friend, you can’t go wrong with a cologne gift set. Presentably packed with a mixture of scents and accessories for every occasion, the best cologne gift sets are exciting, convenient, and more often than not, give you plenty of bang for your buck.

But as amazing as cologne gift sets for men can be, there are plenty of dud products out there. To help you avoid wasting your money on something that smells like a perfumed garbage bin or a cheap car air freshener, we’re going to look at the best men’s cologne gift sets that money can buy right now.

Ready? Let’s get going.

Key Takeaways

Cologne gift sets for men often make the ultimate present. With either a mix of balanced scents or extra products like creams, balms, or shower gels, you really can’t go wrong with a gift like this—even if it’s a treat for yourself.

If you’re looking for something original and useful, plus a decent value for your money, Curve’s fragrance set is a good bet. If you prefer something lavish to suit an active lifestyle, Dolce & Gabbana’s K Men gift set is perfect. Oh, and if you want plenty of band for your buck, Infinite’s selection of mini designer colognes will make a real budget-friendly treat.

Our Top Picks

two boxes of gift set from Jo Malone
jomalonelondon / Instagram

Men’s cologne fragrance set by Curve

My pick for overall best cologne gift set, this wildly popular offering from Curve strikes the perfect balance between value for money and a mix of epic-smelling products. Sporting Curve’s legendary signature scent, this earthy sandalwood spiced number is perfect for every occasion. With a signature body wash and a soothing face balm thrown into the mix, this presentable package offers everything you need to level up your grooming regime.

Set Includes: Curve Cologne (3.4oz), Body Wash (3.4oz), Aftershave Balm (3.4oz)

Infinite Scents Cologne Samples for Men: 10 Designer Fragrances + Pocket-Sized Pouch

A savvy cologne gift set with a seriously sweet price point, this epic selection of samplers serves up a mix of the best designer scents around. Whether you’re looking for something spiced, sweet, floral, botanic, or anything in between, this set will deliver.

Here you get a mini vial of the best designer scents around, all presented in a tidy cloth travel bag. If you or your friend likes to experiment with their scents and they travel a lot, this most striking of cologne gift sets for men is perfect—it’s budget-friendly, too.

Set Includes: 10 Designer Cologne Samples, Pocket-sized Pouch

Versace Eros set

One of the best cologne gift sets for a luxury splurge, this lavish offering from the iconic Versace is a real treat. Here you get a healthy dose of Versace Eros—a designer scent with fruity hints of mint, apple, and citrus mixed with base notes of dreamy vanilla and cedar wood. For that extra bit of pampering, the set also includes a hydrating shower gel sporting the same scent—a nostril-tingling combo designed to impress.

Set Includes: Versace Eros Cologne (3.4oz), Shower Gel (3.4oz)

Dolce & Gabbana K Men gift set

If you or your friend is a stylish guy with an active lifestyle, this lavish yet long-lasting cologne gift set from Dolce & Gabbana is perfect. With a super refreshing and suitably zingy Blood orange, Sicilian lemon, and clary sage scent, this epic concoction will perk you up after your post-workout shower. This set will also serve as your new grooming companion for a special occasion or a big night on the town.

Set Includes: Dolce & Gabbana K Men Cologne (3.3oz), Deodorant (2.6oz)

Mercedes-Benz Man Men's Curated Eau De Toilette And Shower Care Gift Set

Mercedes-Benz is obviously an icon of the motoring world, but now they’re making waves in the scent game. This irresistible cologne gift set comes in an immense branded presentation box that looks like a classy key fob. You also get a lavish eau de toilette and two top-notch shower products. This slightly musky cologne starts with pear and ambrette seeds, followed by an earth rosewood and oakmoss finish. It’s a legendary scent that will command attention day or night.

Set Includes: Mercedes-Benz Man Eau De Toilette (3.5oz), Shower Gel (3.4oz), Aftershave (3.4oz)

Commodity EXPRESSIVE Scent Space Set

As our best everyday cologne gift set for men, this slick selection of scents covers all bases. Whether you’re out and about, at home, at the office, or on a big night out, there’s an elixir that will suit your needs down to the last detail. With six refreshing signature scents that last a decent amount of time, this set will allow you to mix it up each and every day. From the floral to the fruity and the musky to the earthy, you won’t be strapped for choice—that’s for sure.

Set Includes: Six Signature Colognes (0.07 oz)

Jo Malone 5-piece Intense Discovery cologne gift set

Arguably the best-smelling addition to our rundown of best men’s cologne gift sets, this mixed offering from the legendary Jo Malone is pretty special. Here you get five miniature bottles of the best colognes Jo Malone has to offer. The presentation box is super sophisticated, and each signature bottle offers a strikingly different but equally incredible bouquet of smells. The set includes a whole host of scents from tonka bean, zesty bergamot, scarlet poppy, and beyond.

Set Includes: 5 Signature Colognes (0.05oz)

Davidoff Cool Water Cologne Set

This luxury gift set from Zino Davidoff is perfect for young men as it’s eclectic, edgy, and suits the type of fellas who like to get out there and live life to the max. The simple yet masculine aquatic top notes mingle with an alluring mix of earthy scents—basically, it’s sure to attract women in every situation. Enjoy this set all year for a daily dose of seaside nostalgia. The perfect present for style-conscious men under 50.

Set Includes: Davidoff Cool Water EDT Spray (2.5oz), After Shave Balm (2.5oz), Shower Gel (2.5oz), After Shave (2.5oz)

a set of fragrances from Mercedes Benz
ahgbenz / Instagram

What To Look For In The Best Cologne Gift Sets

Items included

First and foremost, when considering what the best cologne gift set for me is, it’s important to find out what’s inside the box. Some are simple and contain a signature scent alongside a cream face wash and accessories, while others offer a mix of popular or seasonal scents.

Depending on your preferences, you should choose a set with items to suit. If you, or your friend, for instance, likes to mix it up, choosing a set with several scents will be your best bet.


Another key consideration when working on your best cologne gift sets shortlist is price. What are you getting for your investment? Value for money is vital when it comes to picking cologne gift sets for men—so take your time and choose wisely. Set a budget, and you will quickly be able to trim your shortlist down to a couple of main contenders.


When thinking about the best colognes for you or a friend, scent is an essential factor. Do you want something that stands out on a special occasion, something a little more woody, or maybe a sweet-smelling mix of seasonal scents?

Follow your nose, take a good look at the notes in the scents included within each gift set, and you’ll land on your perfect product in no time.

Is it long-lasting?

Another thing to think about when it comes to choosing the best men’s cologne gift sets is how long each scent will last. Find out how often you’ll have to apply them as well as the size of each product, and you’ll be able to decide whether a potential set is worth buying based on your or your friend’s needs.

Is it seasonal?

Last but certainly not least, you should decide whether you want a cologne gift set with a seasonal theme or not. If seasonal scents are what you’re looking for, go for a gift set with a strong theme. But if you want something with a little more nostril-tingling diversity, choose something with a little more range.

grooming fragrances gift set from Curve
curvefragrances / Instagram

Final Verdict 

Overall, Curve’s Magentic fragrance gift set comes out on top. Not only is it presentable, but it walks the perfect line between quality and value for money. Curve’s scent is striking, moreish, and a real all-rounder, making it ideal for everyday use as well as big nights out. Plus, its soothing face balm and body wash will make fine additions to any successful grooming routine.

While this may be number one on our selection of cologne gift sets for men, the other additions in our list are exceptional in terms of scent, style, and what’s included.


    • With so many options out there right now, the best perfume or cologne gift comes down to personal tastes and preferences. The best cologne gift sets for men offer a mix of scents or accessories and will cover all bases, so you can’t go wrong.

      • A cologne is considered a thoughtful or intimate gift, largely because scent is one of our most important and most stimulating senses. Choosing the right cologne will let your friend or loved one know that you care, and it will probably earn you some brownie points, too. Get a cologne gift set packed with variety to help them discover their new favorite scent.

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