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This is what November’s ‘Beaver Moon’ Means for Your Star Sign

Let go of: The people-pleasing ways that stop you putting your own goals first.

Gemini Beaver Moon themes

This full moon, you might feel drawn to changing your life and appearance, standing up for yourself, being the main character, becoming the person you know you were born to be, finding a sense of purpose, accepting yourself, backing yourself, changing direction at work or in relationships, knowing your worth, feeling empowered and free.

Let go of: The old version of you who didn’t know what you know now.

Cancer Beaver Moon themes

Big time closure, releasing the past, forgiving yourself, tuning in to the power of your own intuition, allowing yourself to start over, choosing yourself, finding a spiritual practice that works for you, practising yoga or meditation, healing and starting to believe you can create a life you really love.

Let go of: The past and anything that is holding you back. Your future starts today.

Leo Beaver Moon themes

Look out for exciting networking opportunities – finding your people, feeling valued for who you are, supporting a cause you believe in, facing the truth about a friendship that isn’t what it used to be, putting yourself out there in your career and trusting in your own ideas to get you where you want to be.

Let go of: Anyone who makes you feel small – it’s time for Leo to go large!

Virgo Beaver Moon themes

Feeling more confident in yourself and your talents, switching things up in your career, starting that passion project, striking a life-changing deal, finding success, creating a five-year plan, prioritising work/life balance, earning more money, knowing you’re worth it, winning a prize or accolade.

Let go of: Self doubt! It’s time to step up and show the world what you’re made of.

Libra Beaver Moon themes

Booking, planning or embarking on a big trip overseas, expanding your mind and horizons, following an interest, studying something new, embracing spirituality, choosing adventure, escaping the daily grind, feeling inspired, spending more time in nature or feeling positive about the future.

Let go of: Old ideas about how your life should look. It’s time to think bigger.

Scorpio Beaver Moon themes

Revealing a whole new version of yourself, changing your life, facing up to an ending, leaning on others for support, spending time with your inner circle, being honest about how you feel, finding a focus that excites you, falling in lust, exploring your sexuality, ditching the mind games or trusting a lover.

Let go of: Any doubt about how loveable you are. You’re The One, Scorpio!

Sagittarius Beaver Moon themes

A love life level-up, prioritising romance, finding someone you can rely on (in business, life or love), treating someone as you’d wish to be treated, trying a new approach, feeling a spark, flirting with life, saying a major ‘yes!’, loving yourself more or moving on from outdated ideas about your purpose.

Let go of: Doubt and fear… it is already happening for you, right here, right now.

Capricorn Beaver Moon themes

One hell of a pre-Christmas health kick, a lifestyle overhaul, switching up your morning routine, working on a new project, making it happen, feeling focused, looking after yourself, changing your working life for the better, finding happiness, getting fitter.

Let go of: An unhealthy habit you should have ditched years ago.

Aquarius Beaver Moon themes

Ditching self doubt, following your heart, starting a family, quitting the day job, exploring your creativity, feeling inspired, finding an audience for your work, saying ‘Yes’ to invitations, having more fun, flirting outrageously, enjoying life.

Let go of: Anything (and anyone) who brings you down – it’s your time to shine.

Pisces Beaver Moon themes

Moving house, renovating, creating a haven, prioritising time with loved ones, creating space in your life for the people who matter to you, making your surroundings more beautiful, starting or completing a family, finding a sense of security at last, building stronger foundations upon which to launch your dream.

Let go of: The idea that you don’t deserve it. You deserve everything your heart desires.

The Astrology Almanac 2024 by Emma Howarth is published by Leaping Hare Press (7 September 2023) and out now.

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