Celebrations with Lacey Chabert: Treasured Star Headlines Unscripted Feel-Good Show at Hallmark

Hallmark is all about giving viewers more of what they want.

Hallmark Media announced on Monday that there’s a lot more Lacey Chabert on the way with the launch of Celebrations with Lacey Chabert.

The 10-episode series is hosted and executive-produced by Chabert and is set to premiere in 2024 on streaming.

The series will “follow the beloved Hallmark Channel star, designer and philanthropist as she surprises deserving kids, families and adults who are making a positive impact in their communities by throwing them the celebration of a lifetime,” according to the network’s official description.

“This aspirational and visually appealing series combines heart, the spirit of generosity and dazzling events as Chabert and her team plan an epic surprise party to give back to kids, families and special adults who are making an extraordinary impact,” Hallmark Media teases.

“With the help of professional party planners, loving family members and a team of volunteers, Chabert will have just three days to plan and execute a mind-blowing, one-of-a-kind event that will create lasting memories for each worthy guest of honor and their families.

“While the parties will be unforgettable, the series goes beyond the surface to give back to these remarkable party recipients in a meaningful way.”

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It’s a unique concept and thanks to the star power of Chabert, we’re sure it will fit into Hallmark Media’s plans to delve into unscripted.

Yes, after scripted movies and TV series, Hallmark Media is expanding its content offerings to continue offering unique projects for its viewers.

Using Chabert to anchor this first foray into unscripted is an excellent idea because she’s been such a big part of the company’s projects in recent years.

She’s starred in 38 Hallmark movies, most recently being A Merry Scottish Christmas and a sequel to Haul Out the Holly.

“We’re proud to announce our foray into the unscripted programming space,” said Lisa Hamilton Daly, Executive Vice President, Programming at Hallmark Media.

“The Hallmark brand lends itself to a wide array of opportunities to tell stories that bring inspiration, comfort, joy, and happiness to our viewers, so tapping into this genre allows us to evolve and expand our programming footprint in incredibly rewarding ways.”

“Lacey Chabert shares the same passion for celebrating everyday heroes as we do at Hallmark,” said Hamilton Daly.

“Lacey’s natural warmth and genuine nature make her a perfect fit for this series that is sure to leave our Hallmark audience feeling uplifted as they experience these heartwarming stories and spectacular events.

“This show provides the perfect opportunity to expand our work with Lacey in meaningful and innovative new ways.”

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“As a lifelong DIY enthusiast, I fell in love with party planning while coming up with creative ways to bring my daughter’s birthday parties to life,” said Chabert.

“I am so excited to lend my love of crafts to create joyous moments for deserving people.

“This is going to be an epic party as we celebrate real-life heroes, complete with the ups and downs that only unscripted television can capture.”

There’s no telling what other unscripted offerings are in the works at Hallmark Media, but it’s nice to see the company taking risks to keep things fresh and exciting.

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The Way Home, for example, was a big swing because it was a sci-fi family drama.

Thankfully, that one was a big hit, and we’ll get the second season early next year.

What are your thoughts on Hallmark delving into unscripted?

Do you think you’ll be checking out this new show?

Hit the comments.

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