Special Needs Revolt! Redband Trailer

Special Needs Revolt! from director, Adrian Esposito-Nomeika reveals Official Redband Trailer.

A man with Down Syndrome is on a mission to save America from a racist dictatorship

The film addresses issues that are very much on the minds of many developmentally disabled adults — the desire to be portrayed as functional adults, with the full range of adult emotions and desires. It is also a very incisive, funny political comedy, full of exciting and visceral action.

In a future dystopia, a man with Down syndrome joins a rebellion against America’s cruel dictator. Special Needs Revolt is afeature film action-adventure-comedy starring people with disabilities. It is an action-comedy film. The film’s hero, Billy Bates, who will be played by Clowns in the Woods actor Nolan Tierce, is a young man with Down syndrome. Billy wakes up from a two-year coma and discovers that the United States has been turned into a brutal dictatorship thanks to President Kruger, to be played by award-winning veteran actor Bill Weeden (Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D.). Kruger has put all people with disabilities into institutions. Billy becomes the leader of a diverse group of resistance fighters committed to ending Kruger’s reign of terror. Espocinema is assembling a cast of talented actors, many of whom have disabilities and deserve to be noticed!

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